Posted: 11/13/2004 in None

Woo-Hoo! I Gots Me Some!

… sleep that is … and plenty of it too! … Finally! Now, the idea is to keep it coming. Yes, regularity is a good thing. I think I’ve still got a ways to go before my body gets back into that normal mode. I find that my lack of sleep affects so much … right down to my bone structure. I’ve actually been shorter these last couple of months.

As per Cutie‘s suggestion, Pac-Man and I joined her to watch “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason“. The movie slogan was, “Same Bridget. Brand new diary.”, but I found that not to be entirely true. Perhaps, I’m being overly critical, but I found this time around, the ‘Bridget’ character lost a bit of her lustre. Mind you, it could be that this being the sequel, I didn’t so much ‘expect’ as I was ‘hoping’ for more.

However, do not let that deter you from watching it. Renee Zellweger has seemingly made it a career of playing quirky roles. The was much hoop-la about why a Brit wasn’t casted for this movie the first time around, but I think no one is questioning that now. Colin Firth reprised his role superbly, as Hugh Grant reminds us all (… well, me at least …) why, and how easy, it is women fall for assholes.

As we sat down to the movie, Pac-Man and I had a good look around. This was … beyond a shadow of a doubt … a chick-flick. There were girls and women everywhere. For the most part, the movie wasn’t that sappy at all. There were the odd moments that oozed the sap – where a couple of “Aaaaawwwwwwww”‘s were let out … To which let us know where the 16 year-old’s were sitting …

I was joking with Baby-J about guys that watch these movies. I said, “There are two type of guys that watch chick-flicks. Those whom are more in touch with their feminine side … and those that are lying!”. I’m talking about those asshole types that will lie to impress. Refer to the Hugh Grant comment above.

Some years back, I remembered having watched another less-than-masculine movie. I even remembered that I had to drag a lady-friend of mine to come with me as she had no intentions of watching it. Although, by the end of the night she did thank me for having given her less than a say in our movie selection. We both really enjoyed the movie.

For those whom don’t know, nor care to watch this old film, this movie is about two young people that meet each other on a train in Europe. They embark on a strange 14-hour romance that sees a unique, powerful meeting of the hearts and mind. In the end there was talk of whether they should find themselves a secluded area, or a hotel room. However, it was not to be. They were left hanging. So were we.

That’s where “Before Sunrise” left off. As Julie Dephly and Ethan Hawke‘s characters parted ways, they left us with a hint of another encounter. It’s with this thought in mind, that I want to watch the sequel – “Before Sunset“. I suppose I was drawn to this plotline to begin with because I can see where that I can relate to it all – it’s in my motto. I don’t see why it all has to do with sex. I don’t see a problem with actually getting to know someone on an intellectual level.

I think it’s in this way that I operate. I genuinely want to get to know people. Maybe that’s why I come across as so ‘non-threatening’. Nonetheless, I think I watch it for the hope that my ‘tactic’, if you will, does work. Far too often, I find I overshoot that window of opportunity – where I go from maybe a ‘potential’ to just merely a ‘friend’ in a lady’s eyes.

Or maybe it’s just because she’s gotten to know me and wants to avoid me like the plague … *sigh* … I guess I can’t say that I blame her …

… & write back @ ya’!

Dutchess : Heya, babe. Got your email, and replied. Miss you tons. Hope to see you in about a month!

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