Posted: 11/11/2004 in None

… I can’t sleep … surprise, surprise

So this morning I had the mixed pleasure of sending off Renka to the airport for her trip to Asia. As always, it was great to see her. But as it has been these last months, the encounter was far too brief.

After seeing Baby-J off, I sat down to watch “Something’s Gotta Give“. Throughout the entire movie, I could not help but think three things. One – Diane Keaton is hilarious! Two – I wish I could be as smooth as Jack Nicholson‘s character when it comes to the women. Three – if only I could be half as charming as Keanu Reeves‘ character.

All in all, I really enjoyed the movie. It’s an interesting insight in the dating scene of the mature crowd. What’s odd, is how there are some hang-ups that seem to be universal when it comes to dating. You may be a teenager, a young adult, or in the twilight of you life … no one is immune.

I suppose the fact remains that men and women fundamentally don’t know how to communicate properly. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … “The more I try to understand love, the more I find that I know absolutely nothing about it.”.

My so-called rule of thumb has always been to try not to impress. That way I’ve got no ‘standard’ to live up to time and time again. However, when it really comes down to it, I haven’t the faintest how to impress. Lord knows my flirt is about as effective as using 30-grit sandpaper to wipe your butt.

Sure, relating to the ladies, I have no problems with. Treat them just like I would my friends, I say. But to let one understand how I feel about her … no chance. Besides, she won’t want to hear it. This is guy who isn’t … a ‘guy’. I’m always the ‘friend’, the ‘big brother’ … not that ‘guy’.

Maybe just once, I’d like to be the charming and smooth guy. Maybe just once, I’d like to have that chance. Maybe just once, I’d like to be in the game

… yeah, I know … *meh*, wishful thinking … just like my dieting to lose weight … wishful shrinking … It just ain’t gonna happen …

I do wish I could talk to her. I wish I knew what she was thinking. I wish things were ‘right’. If only … if only …

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