Posted: 11/11/2004 in None


I’ve finally figured out how to get this jukebox to stream from my server at home. I’ve posted a couple of new songs including:

  • Color Me Badd – I Adore Mi Amor

  • Live – Lightning Crashes

  • Sting – Valparaiso

  • Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
  • One-Hit-Wonders (Ah-Ho and Jovo):

  • Chumbawamba – Tubthumping

  • Gerardo – Rico Suave

  • Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5

  • Marcy Playground – Sex And Candy

  • “Weird Al” Yankovic – Taco Grande
  • By suggestion (Ghis):

  • John Mayer – Daughters

  • John Mayer – Your Body Is A Wonderland
  • And by special request (Sassy Hermit):

  • Glenn Lewis – Fall Again
  • Lastly, I’m trying to breathe a little bit of life into Quotes Corner. Suggestions more than welcome!


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