Posted: 11/08/2004 in None

… Doggin’ It … Big-Time …

Found this as I was surfing about the web last night … *interesting* …

So anyhow …

My body is falling apart. No getting enough sleep is killing me. Moreover, not being able to do what I want, need to do is driving me bonkers. I haven’t been able to perform my Man-Maid duties as of late. I’ve either been busy trying to find a job, or needing to get away from thinking about finding a job. I just haven’t been able to clean and tidy up.

I know it’s irking Baby-J, as it’s irking me too. However, she’s been wonderfully understanding of it all, and has been quite supportive of my quest; but I do feel bad. Turns out, Kira‘s on a doggy vacation this week, heading out to K-Town for a visit. As much as I do enjoy her company, it’ll be easier to get cleaning done around here without the fur-factory around.

Last night, I got a surprise phone call from Dalo. He tells me that he, Gracey and a friend were in town, and were wondering if I had any dinner plans. I didn’t, so we met up and hit a Korean spot Renka had taken me to once. Always a good time when hanging with D&G, but it was particularly nice to have met a new friend – and even more so entertaining was how this new friend and I were able to pick out some mutual friends. The world *is* rather small.

I got home at a pretty decent hour. Cutie came by for a bit and hung out. We watched some TV. After she left, I spent some time with Kira then tried to get some sleep … until the damn fire alarm went off … and stay on for an hour … meanwhile the damn security tells us not to panic … to sit tight until further notice … as the alarm sounds … for an hour and a half … at 3 freakin’ AM!

Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off. I got so riled up that Kira noticed and tried to console me a bit. She’d slowly wiggle her way up to me and put her head on my lap, looking up and my with those ‘puppy dog eyes’. She was so cute.

In any case, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I start surfing the web. That lead to a yet another convo with Sassy Hermit that lasted until morning. As it was light out, I took Kira for a walk to get some air.

By mid-day, Cutie, Pac-Man and I met up with Smiley Panda and her brother for some dim sum. After a great, big dim sum meal, we walked it off at an asian mall.

Come late afternoon, I just had to crash. I was slightly dehydrated and was developing a headache. I feel bad, because I pretty much left Pac-Man to his own devices as Cutie crashed too. Luckily, he decided to book it out to a Chapters to read some and grab a Starbucks‘ brew.

D&G called and popped by. We ended up heading out for the ritual. Good times, as always. I was hoping that Renka could make it out with us today for either the dim sum or dinner. But, alas, she’s a busy girl. She’s got a lot on her plate too.

I don’t get to see the usual suspect as much nowadays since we’ve both been hopping on planes and traveling about for various reasons. All the traveling means a lot of catching up that needs to be taken care of here and there. She’ll be on a plane again destined for the far east soon. It’s supposed to be her little vacation. I certainly hope she gets to relax. Lord knows she deserves it.

Likewise, Wingman is on vacation to Malaysia with I-V and her family. This is one hard-working man. I admire him. Dude, you’d better be relaxing right about now!

And so this brings us up to date. I’m back home. I should be sleeping. But I’m not. I’m wired. My body is killing me and yet my mind is running a mile a minute. Chatting with Dimples and an old friend from back in the day. Yeah … that’s it …

… *sigh* …

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