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… *sigh* … Down Time …

Some of you have noticed that I’ve been AWOL from here for a little while now. Yeah, I’ve been busy. Some of you have noticed that my jukebox is no longer streaming. Yeah, I’ve taken it down in order to redo my entire system.

I need to go home. This city is driving me nuts. I can tell by the way I’m cursing everyone out when I’m driving in my truck. The people here suck. It’s depressing staring blocks of concrete. I want my mountains … trees … greenery.

Back home, there are things I want to do. There are people I want to see … people I want to spend time with.

*sigh* … if only life were more simple. I swear … some people have all the luck. Yes, shit happens … but why does shit always happen to me?

… & write back @ ya’!

Rugby Chick : That’s actually where one of my nicknames comes from – you’ll see that I’m referred to as “G” on some of my friends’ blogs.

In summer school back in ’94, I sat next to a buddy of mine (Dawg), who’d been called “Nate” since he was a kid. This was the same summer Warren G and Nate Dogg teamed up for the smash hit, “Regulate” of the soundtrack of “Above The Rim“. It was a funny coincidence, but the names kind of ‘stuck’ with us to this day.

I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. I pop by yours practically every night. It’s great to read up on your thoughts and such, but it’s not the same as a good chat. I was glad to get to chat with you on the phone the other night. Always good to catch up on “the latest” with you.

Ghis : Oh, no! I wouldn’t take up smoking! I’m just saying that I can see where people are coming from. I suppose drinking is just as bad – people looking for the numbing effect.

Yeah, those lucky butts – D&G – got to pop on home. I heard from Dimples that you guys went out to Kamei Royale for all-you-can-eat sushi … YUMMY! What I would do for a good serving of pacific salmon sashimi right about now …

Ah-Ho : Yeah, yeah … I know … Actually, I think you would have had a blast here hanging with Baby-J‘s cousin, J.Lo. She’s a year younger than you, but graduating this year. And she’s a techie to boot!

Jovo : … buddy, you know how much I wanna come home … I’m workin’ on it … Hold the fort until I get back!

Wingman : Aiight … we’ll just have to stock up on our way down south to celebrate Zed‘s engagement!


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Random Thoughts Of The Morning …

  • Been hosting Baby-J‘s little cousin. She’s about Ah-Ho‘s age. When she tells us hanging out with us old farts is “less fun” … boy, does that make us feel old …

  • I need a job.

  • A couple days ago, I found out about an old friend’s engagement. Though we’ve had a bit of a falling out – rather just an uncomfortable parting of ways – I’m still rather happy for him.

  • I want to go home for the holidays, but not sure if I can … boo

  • I miss her …

  • It’s a scary thought, knowing from where one comes from … knowing how far one’s traveled … and knowing how far away one is from anything …

  • Perhaps it’s time to end a friendship …

  • I really need to get back into sports. I really, really miss it. Moreover, I really, really need it. It’s so tough to find anything decent and realistic in this damn city.

  • Maybe it’s time for me to get back into cooking … work on a couple of salads … learn how to bake …

  • For the first time in my life, I’ve been tempted to smoke. But it’s not for the reasons one might think. It’s got nothing to do with image. I can finally see why turn to smoking when stressed out and impatient. It gives you something to do … an escape, if you will. I’m not saying it’s right … nor will I start. I’m just saying I’ve been tempted.

  • I need to better myself.

  • Hockey players are still, by far, the classiest professional athletes out there. Period.

  • Cutie, Pac-Man, Baby-J and I have been talking about finding a house and moving in together. It’ll be nice, me thinks. For the most part, we see each other most every day. It’s been like having family around. The apartment is a little cramped. Lord knows Kira would love a yard to run around in. She loved her time in my family home out west during the summer.

  • Kira‘s been rather affectionate lately. We’re not sure why she’s looking for that much more attention. As I’m on the couch again, she’ll often jump up into bed with me at night. As a typcial husky, she likes to snuggle up into tight spots – sometimes waking me in the process by nuzzling her cold, wet nose into the back of my neck or the small of my back.
  • … that’s it for now …

    … & write back @ ya’!

    Ghis : Yeah, it’s a great song. I like his style. It’s soothing. 🙂

    Jovo : Thank, buddy.

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    So I needed to burn some energy yesterday because I was fuming about my lack of success on the employment front. So I started to cook some late lunch.

    I scoured the fridge and dug up whatever I could find to make a meal. In the end, I made a pasta dish – a linguine topped by Florentine spinach and cheese sauce with ground turkey, button mushrooms, red peppers, onions, and diced garlic.

    It turned out okay. I thought it needed a bit more ‘zing’, but as I was making a lot of it, I figured I’d better have it tame to let it be shared with others. Baby-J was never terribly into the heavy, savoury flavours, but she seemed to enjoy it.

    Cutie chose to grind some fresh black pepper, and was satisfied as well, and noted that the sauce would go really well with rice. Today, we had that opportunity. For lunch, I made some Japanese rice to mix in with the sauce. It went quite well, but I think such a sauce would go better with basmati rice.

    All in all, despite it being on the sweeter side, the sauce was a bit of a success. However, I’m finding that the ground turkey isn’t quite as sweet as ground beef, so it makes for a little more compensation when it comes the spices I work with. Also, the texture of the two meats are similar, but the turkey tend to clump up more. It’s border-lining on the thick side where it’s too clumpy for pasta. I’ll have to find a way to thin down the sauce.

    Otherwise, I decided to treat myself … and indulge … bought myself a whack of KK donuts. I’m so evil …

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    What’s the likelihood of all 18 companies you’ve applied to for a job over the span of 2 weeks, all calling on the same day to tell you “Thanks, but no thanks … we’ve hired someone for the job.”?

    Not likely, huh?

    But it does happen …

    And who does it happen to?

    this guy!

    Yeah … not having a good day …

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    … no need to say more …

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    Browsing about some time ago, I came across Mark Cuban’s blog at . I’ve always found him to be a refreshing character in an otherwise bland field. He’s what you get when a truly passionate fan takes the reigns of his/her favourite team and makes things happen.

    I’ve always been a big supporter of former players heading into coaching and management. Throughout the years, we’ve seen many former greats take up a position behind the bench or in the front office. I thought it was great to see the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Michael Jordan take up ownership of the Phoenix Coyotes, Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Wizards respectively.

    But when Cuban came about and purchased the Dallas Mavericks, he really changed how things worked. He pampered his players. He protected his players. He was out-spoken about the problems in the league. And, he loved the game. You can see it when he’s out there courtside. I think he’s a prime example why we needs more ‘fans’ in the league.

    Posted: 11/18/2004 in None

    Spent the day with Cutie yesterday. I was going a little stir-crazy sitting at home so I thought I’d accompany her a bit as she ran some errands. I swear, the run-around goose-chase they put you on out here is insane. If only things are simplified and streamlined like they are back home. Life would be so much more efficient. Things are just ass-backwards out here.

    … & write back @ ya’!

    Dutchess : I’ve added your blog to my list. In order to create a list of others’ blogs on your site, you have to learn how to code in HTML and edit your template. Look in the help areas to see if they can best explain it.