Posted: 10/09/2004 in None

… You Ever Get The Feeling That Your Life Is The Result Of A Cruel Joke? …

… Welcome to my world … (as of now, at least) …

Next, I’ll have to say, “Hi. I’m Warz. I’m a hypocrite,”

I know that I’ve counseled some people through some tough times. I know that I’m a hard-ass when it comes to giving pity or sympathy. I try to keep everyone positive. But right now, if I were beside myself, I’d be giving myself a swift kick in the ass, then lighting a bonfire under it.

Right now, life sucks. I mean, it really, really sucks. I know I shouldn’t be complaining about a lack of ‘luck’, but at this point, I don’t know where else to turn to.

Fuck …


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