Posted: 09/21/2004 in None

WTF!, Mate?

Alright … this has been bugging me all day like sand in speedos …

How do you just up and start anew a friendship with a bit of a sorted past?

Today, I popped by the field to see some of the ruggers left on the team – I’ve volunteered to help coach some. While at the school, I ran into someone. At first there was the initial awkwardness, but soon it was a pretty casual conversation.

… then … “Um, I was thinking … maybe we can start over … ? … Hi, nice to meet you, I’m (shall remain nameless),”

Of course, me being the idiot that I am … I more or less agreed to it. But now, some hours later, I’m sitting here thinking how could I possibly just forget everything that happened and just start fresh?

… fuck …


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