Posted: 09/20/2004 in None

I’m watching Kira sleep on the couch right now. She’s so cute. She’s an absolutely gorgeous dog. She’s taken a liking to sleeping on the couch ever since our trip out west. I suppose it’s not the greatest habit to let her get into, but it’s tough to stop her now. We don’t want to crate her up all night.

We could continue to allow her to sleep under Baby-J‘s bed, but by the middle of the night, she’ll want out of the room. I don’t mind letting her sleep with me on my bed even, but she seems to pass gas with every other breath. Despite what many of you think, I *do* need *some* sleep. Anyhow …

It’s 4 AM. I can’t sleep. I haven’t even yawned yet. For the most part of this night, I’ve been chatting with friends. There was the idle chit-chat with Pac-Man and Jack-E. I was able to catch up a little bit with Jeffy and Cutie (who’s now moving out here!).

Lately, I’ve been chatting with Dalo‘s cousin, ‘Tel. We’d met some years ago and continually ran into each other at various events and functions. We had always been chatty every time we saw each other, but it was only after D&G‘s wedding did we stay in contact. It’s nice to have met and gained a new friend. Thank goodness for modern technology.

I’m currently chatting with Renka about our respective troubles. In our conversations, some ‘truths’ were unearthed in the hopes that they might be beneficial for each other. We’ve been rather frank with each other about our views on each other’s problems.

Renka‘s not just my eating buddy. In the short time we’ve been hanging out together, we’ve actually become pretty good friends. Contrary to popular belief, there is time to converse between stuffing my face course by course. We’ve come to know each other rather well. She’s an incredible young woman.

You ever get that feeling where you’re on the outside of the problem looking in … and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it? Yeah? Well, welcome to my world. Lately, I’ve somehow managed to dig up old stories of my past. It shows a long history of conflict that I inadvertently bring upon others.

Problem is, is order to avoid these conflicts, I’d have to be someone that is so far removed from me. What am I to do about that?

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis once : I couldn’t have said it any better myself. And that is just what I miss so dearly. One must wait, I suppose. In the meantime, it has been great just meeting people.

Oh, there’s a small chance Kira might be swinging into town with me in October. If that happens, we’ll have to have you and Solly meet her!

and Ghis once more : Well, I did find that article on the CBC website. They’ve always been a rather credible news source.

Besides, it *was* posted on the internet … so it *must* be true!

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