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Time To Add A Little Colour!

Courtesy of Jack-E, here’s a good set of pics from his trip out to the Wet Coast, and a little get-together we had at his place for the WCH’04 final:

This set was taken in and around town. You’ll see Ah-Mun and Ah-Ho horsing around as they normally do (must have been some dinner sometime) … Renka, doing what she does best at the Richmond Night Market while Jeffy and Ah-Ho looks on … and Pac-Man finally figured out “which way is up” …

I think close to 80% of Jack-E‘s pics where of Kira. And who could blame him!? I called home tonight, and both Ah-Mun and Ah-Ho miss Kira dearly. It’s been a long time since my family has had a dog around the house …

On the way for our trip to Seattle, you can see Dimples (Yes, I’ve nicknamed one of Gracey‘s sisters!), Cutie and I having a snack when we stopped off at a DQ in Surrey. We also hit up a KK in Burlington where Jack-E took a great photo of Cutie, Dimples, Renka, and Pac-Man watching the donuts being made.

Last night, we watched Team Canada win the World Cup Of Hockey at Jack-E‘s while Cutie made us all cinnamon buns. Thanks to Jack-E for hosting, and Cutie for her wicked buns … It was great to sit back, relax, throw down a beer with Pac-Man … Meanwhile, Renka contemplates a career change to modeling …

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : Thank you for the kind words – it’s very encouraging! I suppose every now and I then I get into these moods. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Maybe it’s just that I’m in a funk having just spent a little more than a month being back home. My summer has been a blast. In fact, the whole of my 2004 calendar year has been great.

It started off with dealing with my own set of dating problems in January. I had the support of Blondie. We spent many an hour lounging out in her room, shooting the shit. I met and got to know her friends like The Masseuse and Lemming-Boy.

In February came a huge turning point. I re-encountered Renka. She, the usual suspect, became my culinary partner in crime. She was a huge part in my transition to living here. I really don’t think she knows it either.

Come the stretch of March-April, Pac-Man and I started holding our meetings at the clubhouse. He’s become a regular bud and a really great friend to have around.

May proved to be a pivotal month. My god-twin, Baby-J, moved in with me. Wingman visited – a very therapeutic visit, might I add. Renka intro’ed me to Jack-E and Metro-Boy (who in turn intro’s me to the likes of AnnaBanana, Irv …).

When I needed a recharge, I hopped on a plane home in June and spent time with The BoysWingman and Jovo. I got in some good eats with Renka. When I headed back east, GuessGirl kept me company. I helped Dalo move out to the Hammer with his then-fiance-now-wife, Gracey. During this month, I had gotten to know a lot of Berty‘s buddies from the Unreliable$ footy crew.

Jeffy visited in July. My eating buddy and I did the Summerlicious thing. I became good friends with Rugby Chick – all too late though, if you ask me! Also started hanging out with Huggy Bear. Lastly, Kira moved in with us!

August was a bit of a blur, but a great month. Needless to say, being home gave me the chance to see old friends like Brighteyes, Jenny-Baby, and Chip. I brought Kira back with me; much to Ah-Mun and Ah-Ho‘s delight. Renka, Metro-Boy, Jack-E all visited. I met Jovo‘s neighbour (The Director) and Metro-Boy‘s buddy (Irv). Caught up with the Quetila Queen, Shorty. My childhood friend, Dougie, had J-Bizz and I over for a BBQ at his new house. Cutie made moves from the cornfields back to the her old stomping grounds, just in time for Dalo and Gracey‘s wedding.

The wedding was something else altogether. It was great to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in years. Chatting with old high school chums like Ant-ney, DWong … Seeing old friends like Teflon, JB, Sweetster, Russ … your hubby, Willie and yourself! … Getting to know better some other friends like Dalo‘s cousin (‘Tel) and Gracey‘s sisters (Dimples and *yet to be nicknamed*).

I’m pretty certain I’ve left a lot of other events out … however, as I ramble, these are the events that come to mind. It’s been a wicked year. But, sometimes I wish I had someone to share that with. Yet, as I think about it, it’s not even the big things that matter to me. It’s the little things like traveling with that person, or just having that person there … knowing that there is a little bit of security, comfort where and when I need it.

And so it is that that I really miss. I want that feeling back, is all. In due time, I suppose …


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