Posted: 09/13/2004 in None

This last weekend was … interesting, I guess. It was filled with some gossip … some tense moments … some sleeplessness … some good fun … some reunions … and not enough hockey.

Baby-J made it back into town from HK on Friday night. It was good to see her. Likewise, Pac-Man got just got back into town tonight. Needless to say, I grabbed Cutie (my houseguest), rounded up Pac-Man at the airport, and headed out for a meeting at the clubhouse.

I’ve begun chatting with Gracey‘s sisters online. We’ve had some interesting conversations, to say the least. I really enjoy a good discussion that pertains to the battle of the sexes. Let’s just say it’s been a hoot thus far. In the meantime, some nicknames are in order for these ladies …

Otherwise, I have little to report this round. No deep thoughts. No rants. No raves. This is a dry one …

Tomorrow, I’ll be picking up D&G as they return from their honeymoon. Tonight, I heard that Hurricane Ivan has done a number on their plans. Poor kids …

… & write back @ ya’!

Dutchess : I’m working on being there too! Then again, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t go home for the holidays. See you there!

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