Posted: 09/10/2004 in None

as I was saying

After the dinner, we headed over the to the sisters’ apartment to hang some and enjoy some bubble tea. For me, I was busy at work fixing the computer. I only managed to have enough time to do a half-ass job. I feel so guilty … I might just have to fly back to fix it!

Anyhow, come Monday, some of us made a run for the border and hit up Seattle for some good eats at Ivar’s, and to send Cutie‘s guy out to the airport. Good times had by all, and stomachs filled to maximum capacity.

The day I left home was bittersweet. On one hand, I knew it was time to get back into the swing of things to get my life back on track. I was somewhat looking forward to heading back out east. However, leaving home is just that … leaving home. It’s no secret I love my beloved Van-City. The air is clear. The streets are clean. And the people … oh, the people …

I’ve always said that I’ve been extremely blessed with an abundance of great friends. And yet now, I’ve been fortunate enough as to have met and gotten to know more wonderful people through various events. Several people stand out in my mind.

Meeting Jovo‘s neighbour was a rewarding experience. She’s some years older, but hanging out with her reminds me of why I enjoy working in an environment where my colleagues are older. I get to learn more.

Also, I feel fortunate to have spent some time hanging out with Gracey‘s sisters. They’re good people, and simply fun to hang out with. Youthful, responsible, wholesome and smart. I began to wonder why they were both single … but soon after, I realized that they hadn’t met anyone good enough for them.

Then there are several other people involved in D&G‘s wedding that I had encountered here and there over the years. They’re all great people. It was a blast working with them, and being able to catch up with them – some I wish I had met earlier and gotten to know better too.

In any case, I’m back out east. Cutie, Renka, Jack-E, Kira flew back with me. It was kinda fun traveling with friends. It doesn’t often happen for me (although I was passed out for most of it due to sheer exhaustion!). Renka was kind enough to pick up lunch for us for the flight, as Jetsgo doesn’t offer in-flight meals. It became somewhat of a inter-provincial picnic.

Kira seemed much more calm this time around. She was visibly nervous during her first flight. This time, we was much more reserved – she handled it like a pro! Sadly though, I think she misses the ‘wet-coast’. The last two days, she’s been moping about. She’s been looking to go for walks, not even needing to do her business. I think she’s just not happy being cooped up in an small condo unit. I’m sure she’s missing Ah-Mun, Edimus, Ah-Ho and other friends too. I bet she misses the parks, the beaches … *sigh*

Anyhow, Baby-J gets back into town tomorrow night. I can’t wait. I miss her so much. I feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen her. I know she’s missing Kira, and she’ll be glad to know that upon entering the apartment, Kira immediately ran into Baby-J‘s room looking for her mommy!

In any case … I’ll leave you with some photos of the wedding that Ghis has posted up.


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