Posted: 09/02/2004 in None

I’m a little behind in my blog readings. And I’ve little time to write them nowadays. But, when I finally got around to reading one of Blondie‘s postings, I jumped up to respond:

1. Is it better to be cautious in relationships and not experience as much or have blind trust and fell it all?

Life is all about balance. You have to experience both; being able to control oneself, and yet being open enough to live life and enjoy it.

2. If you swallow chewing gum, will it stay in your stomach for years?

Yes, it could very well happen.

3. Does true love exist?

Yes. I truly love food.

4. What IS the definition of a meterosexual? Are all Vancouverites meterosexuals, and if not, what are they? (definitely not manly men!)

Lemming-Boy had a pretty good response to this one. I’d tend to agree with him.

5. Is it true that you don’t ever get over your first love?

Someone please define “first love” for me …

6. What would be the best selfish gift you would want for Christmas (that someone can actually get you!)

Define “actually get” … Seriously, I good hug will do me just fine.

7. What is the nicest small gesture someone has ever made for you?

There are so many to chose from … I have great friends. Some of the more recent and memorable gestures range from a series of (Christmas) gifts – one for each possible occasion – to a simple text message to let me know of a TV show that I’d enjoy.

8. Do we all grow up in time or do some people just never grow up?

We all grow up. Some people just refuse to accept it.

9. Why don’t guys ever admit that they are gossips too?

Guys don’t ‘gossip’, they ‘rumour’. Guys don’t always talk about things incessantly like the girls tend to. Guys say it, and it’s said. Done and done.

10. What is a dramaqueen? (male and female)

I’d say a dramaqueen is anyone who makes the biggest mountains out of the littlest mole hills …


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