Posted: 09/01/2004 in None

It’s amazing how much crap can run through your mind despite being as busy as a rat in a gourmet cheese store …

  • One night to note was Dalo‘s bachelor party on Saturday night. However, I’m sworn to secrecy – so, I ain’t sayin’ nothin’ …
  • A couple of weeks ago, that flight attendant wrote to me. The email conversations have been interesting, to say the least …
  • I’m seriously contemplating taking up that offer to be a DJ
  • … given up … yet again … to paraphrase from the song“I just want to make her feel beautiful” … but I can’t …
  • Got an email from someone I met and … got to know while on my flight home. That was … cool
  • Wishing I had more time to see some good friends. But duty calls when it’s a matter of family, work, and the like. These last days here, I’ll be busy helping out my good friends, D&G, for their big day.
  • I got to watch “Going The Distance” with some of my boys and Cutie. The plot line is about as deep as a puddle, but it’s hilarious … simply stupid-funny. I love the idea of a roaming bachelor party*AHEM!*, Wingman … and Mayko Nguyen is kinda hot … but I’m not sure why … ??? …
  • Currently chatting with Rugby Chick … been a while … sounds like she’s having a blast! … Atta’girl! … I just hope she doesn’t do anything I wouldn’t do … which pretty much leaves her to do just about anything … hmmm
  • Sometimes I find that some people I know tend to be less ‘polite’ to me as I am to them. Makes me wonder … why do I even bother?
  • … & write back @ ya’!

    Jack-E : Thanks again, buddy. I do appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I hope we’ll have enough time for a couple of good laughs!

    Wingman : … though it’s summer time … the sap is still running …

    and Wingman again : … yeah, no kidding! … *oi!* … or rather … *ai-yah!*

    Dutchess x 2 : I know, sweetheart. Despite being half-way around the world, you’ve always been there for me. Thanks, babe! Luv ya’ lotz!

    Ghis : Oh, don’t I know exactly what you mean … Such is life, eh? But you’re right, we do get to see D&G get hitched! I can’t wait!

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