Posted: 08/25/2004 in None

To start, you’ll find a re-cap of my weekend here, and some (non-incriminating) photos here. Good times that ended too soon, I say. It was great to have met a new friend. You all know how much I love meeting people.

… I’ll be thinking out loud again … It’s so much easier to write this way. I just write, then go back and weed out the good stuff from the bad stuff. Yes, I do censor myself a lot.

My loyal readers of these past years will say that I’ve moved away from talking about world issues and the like. I suppose this is true. I remember I had a big write-up about the tragedy that was September, 11th, 2001. I slammed the US for their own stupidity. I made it very clear that they should have expected such a terrorist attack for the way they politically strong-arm other countries to benefit themselves.

Maybe it’s time for me to get back into it a bit …

I haven’t been watching much of the Olympics, save for in my spare time and I have nothing else better to do. But I have been keeping up on the ‘scandals’; particularly those involving athletes from the Great White North. Having been a former gymnast myself, I do watch the gymnastics on and off. I must say, the judges are on crack.

Anyhow, I think professional team sports should be removed from the Games. Team sports have moved the Games so far away from the concept. Some would argue against it as such sports should have a competition at the world scale. People, there is – it’s called the World Championships. Nearly every major sport has such an event. Moreover, with some many ‘world scale’ competitions, athletes tend to not want to compete as often. Thus, we never see a truly top-calibre team representing any country.

Secondly, individual events that showcase skill, and not athleticism, should be removed as well. Frankly, anybody can practice archery to achieve great aim, but not everyone can train to run 100 metres in under 10 seconds. Remember, the original concept of the Games was the competition of human athleticism – not skill, not even sports.

Be it resolved that golf should be re-classified as a really difficult activity … Who’s with me?

And on to more important things …

I’ve been meaning to follow up on as much of hockey as I can. But I’ve been pretty busy. When saw the announced World Cup roster for Canada, I saw some names I didn’t really know. It really is a changing of the guard. Then again, they did build this team for the NHL-size rinks. I see a lot more grit than the Salt Lake squad.

I love the fact that Canada’s always had such depth. There never seems to be a controversy, or even so much as a question, as per the naming of players on teams from other countries. It’s almost exclusively a Canadian certainty. In fact, I do believe TSN once questioned how we’d do if we were to send 2 teams to the world competition. I’d kill for a Canada-Canada final!

I think what really sets hockey players apart from the athletes from the other professional sports is class. This rings true of Canadian players in particular. They never bitch and whine. They just accept the decision and support the country’s cause. There’s no beef here … just bacon, baby.

So lately I’ve been catching up with people as it is the nearing the end of summer …

Chip called me out tonight for a quite bubble tea. Unfortunately, Sans was unavailable. Nonetheless, it’s always great to see that guy. We caught up on things, with each other’s lives, our families … the latest …

I have my somewhat regular chats with Rugby Chick. I’m glad to hear she’s moving on out to Joke’ville to start the next phase of her life. Kinda wish I was there to help her out with the move.

Franchaise dropped me a line while he was in the ‘Wa to touch base. He’s still looking for a second opinion on his fractured C-5, so that he might be able to hit the pitch again.

Gabey moved into a new apartment with his lady, and is looking to tie one on when I’m back out east. We’ll have to get Wanker out, no doubt …

Life gets complicated at times when you’re making everything fit. As Baby-J and I have found, sometimes square pegs will have to fill in round holes. She’s been awesome though – always in support.

Otherwise, I’ve been missing some people … okay, so I’m missing a lot of people …

It’s been like, forever, since I’ve seen Brighteyes. I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t had time. And I know she’s a busy girl too. Lucky for me, she’s got a little din-din action going on tomorrow night!

Berty called me the other day. I feel so crappy that I hadn’t called him back yet. The timing wasn’t there – I’m sure he’d appreciate a 3 AM EST phone call. I miss footy with the crew.

I miss the Front Row. I know that Kingpin is busy with … stuffEasy-E is probably stoned … And Dean-O just got laser eye surgery so he can officially become a crocked cop. It’ll be nice to know low people in high places … We’re grab Gabey for a good piss-up …

One day soon, Dean-o and I’ll have to call out Davy J and crawl the Danforth … again …

I don’t seem to catch Dutchess online as much anymore. Or when she is online, she’s rather busy. I trust all is well with her though, otherwise I would have heard about it already.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to a meal with Renka. I miss that. Our bi-weekly meal plan never manifested itself. Rather, it became a coffee and a meal, or simply a couple meals per week. At its best (… or worst), the plan was 10 meals in 14 days. Yes, we’re certifiably nuts … and we love it!

… & write back @ ya’!

… trying to catch up on things here …

Baby-J : Ideally, I’d like to keep Kira around as long as possible. I love her company, but alas, that’s not my decision to make.

Ah-Mun and Ah-Ho have noted that she’s much more well-behaved when I’m around – as I’ve told you about her ‘rebellious’ tendencies as of this last weekend while I was away.

We’ll talk more on this issue when we’re home, I’m sure.

Gish : Done and done. Just let me know where and when and I’m there. And when all is said (again and again) and done, then we’ll get drunk for shits and giggles …

Jovo : Please forward your bank statement to Gish for financial review. Your membership fee will dependent on your annual income.

Remember, we’re well aware of your current situation and are sympathetic. We’re not only the Co-Presidents, we’re also the founding members …

Ghis : I can’t say I know Maroon 5 all too well. I basically noticed the video as I was flipping channels. For some reason (all to myself, that is), I simply loved the song. I really like the sound. Is the rest of their music similar?

and Ghis again : Sweetheart, you just don’t understand. I appreciate it, I really do … but, honestly, nobody understands. This I know, because at this moment I don’t even understand …

Jovo :*ah*Kelly Preston … no need to say more …

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