Posted: 08/19/2004 in None

Things That Make Me Go “… hmmm …” …

… hmmm … looking to find a used Nokia GSM phone for cheap … anyone know where I can find one?

… hmmm … what would it be like if Ah-Ho was around my age? It’s no secret he hangs with me and my friends. Some outsiders find it strange, among my friends, he’s a welcome addition. But at times, like our Wings Wednesday yesterday, his youth pops up. He, Wingman and I did the pub crawl – not by choice, mind you – to find a place that would, um, not ask the minor for ID. I guess I wonder what trouble we could get ourselves into …

… hmmm … does anyone find that a person with a seemingly “out of the ordinary” characteristic more attractive? Tonight, as I hit No. 9 with Ah-Mun and Ah-Ho to satisfy my craving, I found a young Caucasian lady working there. On the surface, I found her to be mediocre at best. *BUT*, she spoke damn near perfect Chinese. Suddenly, she seemed more attractive – at least to me. Then again, maybe it’s the intrigue talking. … and no, Jovorich does not qualify as an “out of the ordinary” characteristic …

… hmmm … Baby-J, I know you check in here to see what might be the latest going on with Kira. Let me tell you she’s having a great time. She’s had the run of the house and the backyard. We play a bit of fetch with her on a daily basis. She’s been looking very healthy, but not eating as much (we believe due to the heat). We can no longer see her ribs, nor can we feel them when we pet her side – which is a great sign! Everyone who’s met her thinks she’s gorgeous, friendly, and playful. And I assure you she’s been showered with love. … but I do wonder if she’ll get the aforementioned in Kingston. Will she be happy there?

… hmmm … been looking to catch up with people as of late. Brighteyes and Chip contacted me today. I look forward to seeing them some time next week. I wish I had more time to do all that I wanted to do, see all that I wanted to see. Will I really get around to seeing everyone? I’m starting to think not … *sigh* …

… hmmm … while talking to Dutchess, she said a little something that caught me off guard. Today, near the end of a brief chat, Renka said the same thing – “Thank you for being a good friend,”. I’m a little lost. I’m thinking, “What have I done for you lately?“. Honestly, in the case of Dutchess, there’s not much I can do for her seeing as she’s living half-way around the world. With Renka, I offer nothing to her as she’s such a strong, independent woman. It’s not fair for me to be taking any credit. I’ve done nothing … why should you be grateful?

… hmmm … I’ve found that I’ve had to explain myself a lot lately; specifically as per my schooling situation. Though I’ve got nothing to hide, it’s become redundant. And each time I explain it, I get reminded of the shitty hand I’ve been dealt with … again. Academically, I’ve had nothing but bad luck since high school graduation. Maybe I wasn’t meant to do school … ? Did I ignore all those signs? Why is it that I get fucked around one time after another?

… hmmm … will I end up a bitter old man? My academic career(s) got me nowhere. I’m a jack of all trades, but master of none … which basically means I excel at nothing in particular. My love life is a barren desert, of which this camel sees no water in sight; not even a mirage to pass the time. I fear I’ll start drinking the sand, not knowing the difference. All in all, changes in my life come quickly and severely; making me a midget at a urinal – on my toes. Maybe the answer is “Yes“.

… hmmm … and what the fuck was I thinking!? … *oi*MetroBoy knows what I’m talking about … shee-ite

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis :The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile” are great films. No argument from this corner.

I admit, I do like the chick flicks. So long as it’s not too sappy. Although, I couldn’t help but shed a tear at the end of “Anna and the King” and “Pay It Forward“.


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