Posted: 08/18/2004 in None

Excuse Me While I Think Out Loud …

… and here goes …

Watched “The Power of One” the other day. For some reason of another, when asked what my favourite movies are, I always seem to fail to list this one. People, I tell you, it’s an incredible film. I’m a Morgan Freeman fan. However, Stephen Dorff stole the show. I honestly believe he’s one of the most under-rated actors out there.

It’s almost 2 AM PST, and I can’t sleep. I’ve got “The Mambo Kings” on the TV. In this flick Armand Assante stars opposite Antonio Banderas. An interesting tidbit about the latter is that this was his very first English-speaking film, but, he hadn’t yet learned to speak the language – in fact, I do believe he’s still in the process of learning.

Today was a good day. I didn’t sleep much last night. I ended up chatting with Huggy Bear on the phone at an insane hour in the morning. We had a good talk about pretty much anything under the sky. In the end, I slept in a little bit.

By mid-day, Ah-Mun, Edimus, and I headed out to pick up Ah-Ho from the airport. It was good to see my little brother … despite his unruly hair. We then dragged him along with us to make sure he doesn’t sleep as to avoid troubles with jet-lag.

I ended up hitting Moore’s to find myself a suit. I chose a nice, dark grey, blue pin-striped Alfred Sung number. By the end of that experience, I figured I really should start to diversify my wardrobe. … and yes, I’ve been saying that for years now …

Afterward, we went to grab a bite at Sammy J’s. Ah-Ho was complaining that he was hungry. I can’t say that I blame the guy. After all, how full can you get on airplane food?

I’m happy to report that Edimus has become an uncle again. His sister delivered a healthy baby boy this afternoon. Congrats, buddy!

Come evening, I got a phone call from Blondie. Her mother’s computer is on the blink so I popped on by (with Ah-Ho and Kira in tow) to see what I can do for them and to visit. Blondie was looking good, and was her usual cheerful self. Her mother and I had a nice chat. Blondie‘s sister is in town and expecting! It’d been years since I’ve seen her last.

Ah-Ho was craving western food. He’s had more than his share of Chinese cuisine. So I drove him out to a BP to fill his stomach. Earlier on in the day, I had missed a call from Rugby Chick, so I text messaged her to apologize. A couple of messages later, she called me. She filled me in on the ‘latest’. T’was a good chat …

I’m listening to the music of the movie as the credits are running. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a thing for movie soundtracks. Maybe it’s variety of music it provides, but I tend to want to buy them.

My favourite is still “When Harry Met Sally“, but for the life of me, I can’t seem it find it anywhere. Sadly, I think I’ve lost it while moving from house to house. I also like my “Sleepless in Seattle” and “What Women Want“. I tend to like the jazzier stuff, I guess. Otherwise, “The Power of One” is always mellow and soothing.

Speaking of which, I think I’m going to have to find all the songs to “Woman On Top“. I watched the flick a couple of years ago. I thought it was cute at best, but I fell in love with the music. It’s pretty much all in Portuguese so I didn’t understand a word of it … but I loved it. It’s just so smooth and calming.

There’s this one song from “The Corruptor” that I can’t seem to track down. It’s a Chinese (Mandarin) song with a Tony Rich Project feel to it. If anyone out there knows this song, please help me out!

Yes, I’m a nutcase … I know.

I’ve been meaning to catch Dutchess online lately, but we’ve been missing each other. Since she switched jobs, she’s been online less. I don’t think she’s allowed to use Messenger at her new workplace.

I have a serious craving for BBQ Pork and Soy Sauce Chicken on Rice right about now … *oi*

Speaking of cravings … oh, nevermind …

… & write back @ ya’!

Gish : Sometimes I wish I had more interesting things to write about. I read my own postings as of late and I see what a boring life I lead. Oddly enough, during one of my phone convos with Rugby Chick, she made mention that one of my more memorable moments.

It makes me wish I had an anecdote per day so that I could share it with people. Lately, I’ve been just working and getting worked to the bone by indecisive clients. I haven’t seen as many of my friends as often as I’d like. I’m not out and about doing all the things I wish I had time for. My love life is nonexistent. I lack that sense of humour and wit to make others laugh.

… maybe it’s time for me to find a way to compensate … ???

Ghis … x 4 : Let me just say that I’m truly honoured to have been able to actively help you procrastinate during your work hours!

As I know I’m pretty much free to express myself here on my blog, in the past I’ve made the mistake of having posted my opinions on a sensitive matter regarding a situation that one member of my audience was not quite mature enough to handle. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

Although no one else disagreed with my arguments, the act of my posting my views was ridiculed by many – and rightfully so, as I wholeheartedly agree that my action of posting was totally inappropriate. It is after this incident that I’ve decided to censor my postings from that point forward.

As I doubt I can bring Kira out to the wedding, I’ll try to bring her out to the “planning party”. You should bring Solly!

Jovo : What do you have against Erykah Badu? I love her work!


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