Posted: 08/17/2004 in None

One of my loyal readers pointed out that my blog has changed a lot since it’s first days. My blog was originally for me to bitch about … anything … I used to complain about people, about politics, social issues …

Nowadays, my site has become more of a journal than anything else. I’ve posted up the odd funny link here and there. Maybe I should do more of that. Moreover, some have even asked for more detail. Well, on one hand, I do enjoy appeasing my audience. On the other hand, this is my little form of therapy.

Lately, I’ve been dealing with some work. Frankly, my clients are pissing me off. I’ve done the same damn job 9 times now, for the same damn client. But that aside, I’ve been dealing with my own set of issues . And so, there’s only so much I’ll post at any given time.

On Friday, I met up with GuessGirl for a bite at our “summer spot”. Seems she’s become my Pajo’s partner. We seem to go once every summer. In a fit of spontaneity, we decided to make a run for the border. She wanted to hit Bellis Fair in Bellingham so that she could use up some old Victoria’s Secret credit notes.

Saturday was well documented.

Sunday was an interesting day. For some unknown reason, I woke up extra early. Still not sure why I did, but I just opened my eyes and was wide awake. I suppose it’s rare that this happens, but I didn’t think much of it. I just got up out of bed and got to work.

By mid-day, I got to catch up on things with Renka over the phone. It had been a while since we’d spoken last. We filled each other in on things, and we talked about certain issues we were facing. I worry about her.

By late afternoon, I drove out to Dougie‘s place out in Surrey. J-Bizz joined us there, and we had a little bit of a BBQ dinner. It was good times catching up with childhood friends. It certainly seems we’ve all come a long way since the days of our youth. The kids are now buying property … getting married.

To cap off the evening, I met up with the likes Wingman, Jeffy, and Jovo at Sodas. We were to meet up with an old high school friend of mine whom I had intro’ed them to some time ago. Being back in the old Saints‘ stomping grounds was interesting. We’re regularly back at the school for various reasons, but we hadn’t hit the old spots like we did back in the day.

As for today, I spent most of it working, researching for my clients. By late afternoon, Rugby Chick called me from Campbellford. She was a little upset about a certain situation and wanted to talk. We ended up having a nice chat beyond the problem … until Kira bolted out the door like she’s making a run for the border. Nonetheless, it’s always refreshing talking with Rugby Chick. In fact, she feeds me with interesting terms, lyrics …

By the evening’s end, I picked up Jovo and hit The Cheshire Cheese to grab some grub and swig a pint. Shorty joined us. It was a simple meeting just to shoot the shit.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Ah-Ho gets back from HK. It’ll be good to hang with my little bro … and teach the little bugger how to drive, and take care of the car. Unfortunately, my mom won’t be coming back quite yet. In fact, I might be headed back out east before she gets back.

… & write back @ ya’!

Gish : Ah, interesting … Did you find me on a blog directory? has a pretty good listing of Canadian blogs.

Actually, I’ve been finding my blog somewhat slow and boring too. I wish I had more interesting content. Any suggestions?

Ghis : I started by doing simple tech support for personal systems. That moved me into small businesses. Soon later, I started up small networks and such. I also build computers. Lately, I’ve used my knowledge of construction add to my implementation of the small networks.

Basically, I’m the “IT guy for hire” for personal clients and small businesses. It’s nothing glamorous, but I kinda get to set my own hours, it’s pretty flexible, and it pays the bills.

and Ghis once more : Yeah, I came across this website some time ago. It’s a great little site. Some of the dogs there are so cute! But, I think I’ll have to leave it up to Baby-J to list Kira, if she chooses to do so. I’ll mention it to her!


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