Posted: 08/15/2004 in None

Back In The Groove Of Things

So I threw out a mass-mailing Evite to friends, not so much to get people out for any one event (as I’ve done in the past), but just to let them know that I’m back in town and wanted to see them. The website requires a defined date, so I punched in tonight’s date. Turns out, some people did want to make the effort – much to my delight.

I opted to hit up Rugby Beach Club. The food is good, you don’t have to order a full entree (it’s all a la carte), and the drinks are cheap! It was nice to see Shorty, Timbits, Mikey, Jeffy and GuessGirl. I was particularly pleased to see Zed.

It has been far too long since I’ve seen her. I’ve missed her so much. We had little time, but we tried our best to catch up on things. Seemingly, it was her catching up on me and some others, as she’s now living vicariously through others due to her schooling at UW.

I’m very also glad that Lemming-Boy showed as well. This world is way too small. Lemming-Boy and I met perhaps a little over a year ago, and barely knew each other. But due to our social natures, we’ve gotten along just fine. It turns out, his cousin is someone I knew from years back – in my high school years. She was in town and partying up with her fellow Yorkies. They were to meet up at Luce, so some of us headed down there to do it up.

By the end of the night, I’m simply knackered. Catching up with friends have left me thinking back to my new home out east. It’s interesting. I kind of miss it. Though I can’t say it’s that I miss the city. I miss the people. I miss my friends. When Berty moved out there, he hated it, but he soon fell into a routine with some good friends. He told me it took almost a year for him to get comfortable.

For me, I’ve had varying stages and phases of life out there. I can’t say that things have been steady. When I started school, I had very little to look forward to except my girlfriend at the time. But, that soon came to an end, but I still have my ruggers and the pub crew.

I met so many new people; PeteyP, Eddie, Rugby Chick, Huggy Bear. But, in spring, I re-encountered Renka, got to know Pac-Man, Baby-J moved in, started playing footy with Berty and his squad … things came together for me. I can actually say that I enjoy life out there now.

Nonetheless, I still miss this city. It’s simply so beautiful. I love home.

… & write back @ ya’!

Lemming-Boy : Dude, oh so glad you came out tonight, buddy. We’ll have to throw some back again soon!

Wingman : In this particular case, it wasn’t that we went to find her. Rather, I was there to deal with my phone and we ran into her there. She then invited us to lunch. I was still waiting for my phone, so it wasn’t like we had any good reason to say ‘no’.

Moreover, this isn’t an issue of taking sides. And, buddy, I’m pretty sure you know where I stand on this one. I think I’ve made it all pretty clear in the past …

Jovo : Yeah, let’s not talk of this certain bitch that has dragged me on for years and put my life through the ringer … No, I’m not bitter.


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