Posted: 08/13/2004 in None

As a kid, I often wondered why my folks never sent me to summer camp. By high school, the thought of a summer camp was a joke as all one wanted to do was hang out with friends. But now, at my age … all I want to do is to get back outdoors … to meet new people … I just want to reach out and touch someone …

… & write back @ ya’!

Wingman : Yeah … sometimes you just have to wonder … “… just how do I explain my friends?” … hehehe …

and Wingman, yet again : Hey, we were certain you’d *love* to see Hug Bug … but seriously, it was very last minute.

Ghis : … and a very Happy Friday to you too!

I’m doing freelance work for clients here and out east. It’s mainly a lot of research to set up networks for small businesses and such, looking for solutions. Since I’m running my own little enterprise, I’m never really on vacation. I need to pay the bills!

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