Posted: 08/12/2004 in None

And More Random Thoughts Of The Day …

I managed to unlock my phones! Yay! Now I can use my mom’s Rogers account.

Dutchess called me today! We had a great chat. It was so nice to hear her voice again. It had been far too long. Last time I saw her was last winter. We did a lot of catching up.

Currently on chat with Rugby Chick and Huggy Bear

… nature calls … must answer …

I don’t mind facial hair … but hate shaving …

Thinking back to a good times last night at the pub. Music Bingo. TV Tunes Bingo. I love Wings Wednesdays

… yeah … it’s been a while …

Need to call Trace to congratulate her. It’s way overdue.

Been meaning to get back in touch with old friends. I’m still elated that I’ve maintained the majority of my friendships from home, but there are some that I think needs a brushing up on.

Been bothered by thoughts of the ex. Being at home doesn’t help either. It’s hard to go anywhere without triggering up some sort of memory.

… yeah … it’s definitely been a while …

Need to get back to work … more to come later … maybe …

… & write back @ ya’!

Rugby Chick : Love the word! Love your blog! I wish mine was as good as yours …

Anyhow, as per the “latest” … I say you should confront, say your peace, turn and burn rubber … and don’t look back … Worst case scenario, I’ll call your sis to grab her bat, we’ll meet up, and have us a brouhaha … 😉

Jovo : What? Now, would I go and just post up the story of you leaving your cell phone in the bathroom at the bar and us having to drive to Port Moody to get it back? I mean, c’mon! Seriously now!

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