Posted: 08/11/2004 in None

You know what sucks? Friends that let you down. I have nothing further to say.

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : Actually the Stampede is more than just the rodeo action. As I remember, there’s the likes of carnival rides, food fairs and the sort. What I’m really looking forward to is the pub crawl.

I’ve done the road trips down south. It’s quite a bit of fun. But I think I’m opting for some ‘out of the way’ places. Just sitting on a busy highway isn’t terribly appealing to me right now. Driving a scenic route through the Rockies might be right up my alley. Besides … there are no mountains out east.

Kira loves the beach. I’ve taken her down there once. Ah-Mun has taken her to walk around False Creek. I’ll have to take her down to some of these doggy parks soon. I was thinking about taking her to some of the trails, but she can’t walk out for long. It’s too hot for a husky.

Jovo : … and I quote … “I like the way you think!


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