Posted: 08/10/2004 in None

I Need A Road Trip … Who’s With Me?

One could arguably say I did fuck-all today. I was online and chatted with the lies of Huggy Bear, Ah-Mun, Jovo, Baby-J, Renka, GuessGirl, Lilith, MetroBoy, Jeffy, Rugby Chick and D&G. In an attempt to weed out some old contacts, and to consolidate my emails, I’ve switched from my old MSN account from my little-used Hotmail profile to my current email address of ““.

But, I did do a lot of work for a couple of clients (Although, I did the work 4-6 times; damn bastards can’t make up their minds, so they keep on changing the plans). I suppose I can’t complain too much, as I just get paid more.

Anyhow, so as I do my research I leave the TV on as to keep me company. I end up watching a whole load of movies. First one was “Killing Me Softly“. It was a horrible movie, but Heather Graham is hot …

The second one was “Scorpion King“, staring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The storyline was totally Hollywood, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Despite his abundance of charisma in front of his millions … and millions of fans, I don’t think ‘The Rock‘ has quite mastered being in front of a movie camera. Some of his lines delivered were somewhat hokey. And the saving grace … Kelly Hu is hot …

After a couple of movies, I decided to flip channels and see what else was on the tube. I came across a trailer I had first seen when I went to watch “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle“. Suddenly the feeling of atrophy wore off.

Going The Distance” was the movie. When I first saw the trailer, I turned to my boys and swore I was going to see that movie. Moreover, we even joked about how fun it would be to do such an adventure.

I bet this movie will be similar to that of “Road Trip“; however, with much more of a Canadian twist. It’s one of those movies I expect to find myself being able to relate to. Highlighted are some places I’ve been to. Tidbits of Canadiana will undoubtedly showcased.

For example, in Paul Gross‘ “Men With Brooms“, I loved that fact that the curling commentators were shown drinking Tim Horton’s coffee and beer … not to mention that the town was swimming with beavers too.

But, to get back to my point, there’s no telling what I’d do for a road trip like that with some good friends. I mean, the bonding experience and the potential of some seriously fucked-up adventures. I’d love it.

In fact, I’ll throw out that challenge right now. I propose a road trip for next summer, from Vancouver to Calgary for the annual Stampede to do it up with MetroBoy and AnnaBanana. Here are some preliminary conditions:

  • You are of legal drinking age … let’s face it, it’s the Stampede.

  • You are looking to have a good time … leave your inhibitions behind.

  • You are not a whiney little snot-nosed bitch … everyone else is looking to have a good time; don’t ruin it for them.

  • You are not stupid enough to do anything illegal … and get caught.

  • You are to agree that whatever happens on the trip … stays on the trip. Period.
  • Now … who wants in?

    … & write back @ ya’!

    Ah-Mun : … yeah, yeah, yeah … I’m on it. I’ve got work to do too, ya’ know …

    Baby-J :What, does it surprise you that I miss you? But I must admit, I’ve been busy with some work here … and I’ve been a bit lethargic too. Things are piling up around here. I should get my ass in gear.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. You and I have been over this one many times. We both knew what I was getting myself into (and yet, not really ‘into’ anything). Oh well … c’est la vie …

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