Posted: 08/09/2004 in None

I’d like to send out a little congratulatory shout-out to Rugby Chick for her new blog. I know, it comes a little late – Sorry! I’m glad to see that she’s chosen a form of expression to get things off her chest. At her request, I will not be posting a link to her site, for fear the wrong people will come to see it. In any case, Big Bro thinks a phone call is due … No?

Let’s catch you guys up … Bummed out at home last yesterday, then had dinner with the Kam klan. It was really good to see everyone. Moreover, we got in a good Chinese meal in. I don’t get that enough out east.

After dinner, I came home and got on the horn with Cutie. I don’t talk to her nearly enough nowadays. We went over some interesting topics. As per the usual, we did our fair bit of talking about the past, and the future. Some interesting truths came out.

I rung up Baby-J too. I miss her. What can I say, you get into a groove of things when you live with someone. I filled her in on things happening with me and, of course, Kira, and wished her good luck on her exam today.

I should really get off of my butt and get going on stuff. I’ve been doing some work for clients, and not getting enough time to myself. I really should get the housework done. I need to get some new digs too. A new suit is in order for the weddings.

Sometimes I find life to be so stagnant. Not to say that I’m not enjoying myself, but I wish I was doing something … or going somewhere …

… & write back @ ya’!

Jovo : You remember what happened the last time I spoke, er, typed my mind … There are some people out there that aren’t mature enough to take the truth.

What I will say is that it’s shame people can’t see the worth of what they have. Some people know what they want, and yet they’re willing to settle. Why? I would gladly trade places with someone whom knows what he/she wants.

Gish : As per my response to Jovo, you’ll see that I’ve gotten myself into deep doo-doo once for “flying off the handle”. So, once bitten, twice shy. In any case, I’m glad to have found a new reader! I am a little curious as to how you’ve come across my site … ? Do we have mutual friends?


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