Posted: 08/05/2004 in None

So last night Jenny-Baby gives me a call. Dinner was on the agenda. I popped on by her place, picked her up and did the drive. It was the high school deal … we’d meet up, drive around until we found what/where we were going to do/go … We ended up at Rugby Beach Club Grille, where it’s all a la carte. We ate entirely way too much. Can you say “food coma“?

Anyhow, ever since my moving away, I’ve found that I really enjoy spending time at home the first several days I get back. I’m really in no hurry to go out. It’s just nice to sit and relax. That’s not to say I won’t go out. Actually, it’s been nice having plans find me. I’ll probably start calling people up this weekend or next week. I just hope people aren’t offended.

Speaking of which, I’m debating whether or not to book the likes of Subeez again and have a big shin-dig since I’m back in town. I usually do it as a going-away thing, but maybe a big “now-I’m-in-town-and-it’s-summer-why-the-heck-not-do-it-up?” thing. I mean, like not having a reason isn’t reason enough, eh? What say you people?

Today GuessGirl rings me up for lunch, since she was in the area. We decided on going to Ginger and Garlic in Kerrisdale. I had a nice free range chicken laksa. *Yummy!* I haven’t had the chance to find such ethnic foods out east. It’s been nice to get back into it.

… ring ring ring … ring ring ring …

Jovo just called. I’ll be heading out with him to meet up with Jeffy‘s pop at the garage. We’re scouting the intallation of a new spoiler for Anastasia the A4. It’ll be nice to nice to see Papa Kam.

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : No ribs; just wings. It’s a bit of a ritual Jovo, Wingman and I have – Wings Wednesdays. It was my first time at Dix, and I liked what I saw. I suppose I should expect as much from a place owned by the Mark James Group. I’m sure I’ll be back there soon.

I might just try out Wild Rice some time. I might as well formulate my on opinion. Yeah, I’ve heard great things about Bin 942. I’ll have to check that out too.

So many changes since I left! I used to like going to Vertical, but when I was in town last June I found out they’d closed up. Such a shame …


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