Posted: 08/04/2004 in None

Becoming In Touch With My Masculine Side … Again

… now if only the women would do the same! hehehehe

Yeah, what can I say? Lately, I’ve been hanging out with guys I don’t know well. So, the easiest way to bond is through the one thing we all have in common – women. I’ve been much more ‘male’ these last couple of days. Let’s just say that my, “Hello, sexy!” wasn’t directed at the cars I see on the roads. Meh, perhaps it’s been a while, and hey, I’ve got needs … 😛

Anyhow, this morning I sent Renka out to the hospital to see her father. We had a nice little chat while in the car – I hadn’t really had much time to talk to her. Later on, we met up with her for a quick lunch, then I bid farewell to my Albertan buddies as they hit the road home.

Then, being the gluttonous pig that I am, I met up with Wingman and Jovo for … lunch. We hit up Dix since it’s close to Wingman‘s workplace. As usual, good times with the Boys.

… and I’m spent … drinking … going to bed late … international wake-up calls at insane hours … It’s all starting to catch up to me …

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : No, it was the US customs. They stopped us before the actual border. We hadn’t even hit the Canadian customs yet. Four policemen searched my car from bumper to bumper. Then we had to empty our pockets and show that we’ve got nothing else on us.

They seemed almost upset that they didn’t find anything. I think it was a training exercise for a couple of rookie cops. Anyhow, if I were in a rush or in a bad mood, I may have raised a stink about it, seeing as they really didn’t have any ‘reason’ to detain and search. But I figured that I had plenty of time and nothing to hide. I might as well watch them make fools of themselves.

I love quality meat too. I must say, the meat there isn’t the greatest, but I make up for it with by eating up mass quantities. I’d just gotten into seafood these last several years. However, my gout now forbids me to eat too much of the shellfish. However, I’ve really gotten into fish. And let me tell you, you never really learn to appreciate our pacific salmon, until you can’t get any of it!

I’m beginning to get into the martinis. But sometimes I find them far too weak. I used to hate beer, but I’ve since learned to enjoy certain brews. I’m more of a hard liquor, cocktail type of guy.

I’ve never been to Wild Rice. Is it any good? I’ve head some really mixed reviews. That, and I’ve never been much of a fan of the fusion food genre. But, I’m willing to try anything once. Is it worth a shot?

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