Posted: 08/04/2004 in None

… yadda yadda … yadda …

… so what did I do today? … In the middle of the night, the shot of absinthe took hold of my stomach and took it to the ringer. I was in pain for a good little while.

When morning came about and 5 AM rolled by, MetroBoy was woken up by his buddy (whom had the one shot of the green fairy, passed out, had a squatting techno-colour yawn on the curb out front of my neighbour’s house, and passed out again on my couch) so that MetroBoy could let him out and lock up. After all, there was work to do come 7 AM.

Some time later, I had to run and deal with insurance for Phoebe the 4Runner. Afterward, MetroBoy and I ran out for a bite of ramen in the Ditch, before hitting the road – on our way down to Burlington for a bit of shopping.

We were to meet up with Renka and her guy, but the timing wasn’t there. They pretty much had their own agenda and schedule. So as they headed our way, we headed back home. Then, shit got interesting. When we hit the border, the US customs pricks decided to search my car. I guess two Asian guys, driving a sports car, having not bought anything during the 3 hours in the country, not carrying more than $150 USD … are up to no good … I don’t now about you, but I smell bullshit …

Meh, so we finally get back home (after having been delayed close to two hours) and eventually met up with others (MetroBoy‘s cheap-drunk buddy, Ah-Mun, Renka and her guy) for dinner at Hapa Izakaya. The food fair was good. The scenery, was … awesome …

Jovo and WingMan later joined us for drinks at Martini’s. As per the usual, I drank like a lush that I’m really not. And that pretty much bring us up to date.

It’s been interesting, the amount of time I’ve had to spend with MetroBoy as he’s in town. I don’t see much of Renka – As I’ve grown somewhat accustomed to. And MetroBoy has seemingly lost his buddy that calls him out almost daily. It was really to be expected. After all, time is so limited in a long-distance relationship. However, it’s given me the chance to get to know MetroBoy better. He’s pretty wicked to hang out with.

I’m really glad he gets along with my friends. In fact, the sport of trading insults has long been a tradition among my circle of friends – and it’s been refreshing to bing in a new participant.

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis and Ghis again : Yeah, the poor girl. But we made up for it with a ton of affection. In fact, all of my house guests have loved her company. Visitors have asked to take her for walks and such as well.

I’m sure you’ll get the chance to meet Kira. Drop me a line some time via email or MSN and we’ll sort it out. I’d love to meet Solly too!

I must say, I’m a big carnivore. I love the stuff. But, I understand it not for everyone. You’ve always struck me as the type that would enjoy a bit of variety and/or something ‘fresh’. I suppose, for myself and my friends, it’s the value we’re after. All-you-can-eat meat … heck, we’d eat out share in sirloin, let alone all the other yummy items!

… and you simply can’t go wrong with good dim sum … 😛 … (drooling at the thought already) …

Baby-J : Hmm … so you’re saying I should mis-treat Kira to ensure that you’d come home for a bit? 😉 You know I’m treating her well! I love her! She’s been great company! … Although … she is a fecal and fart factory that often wakes me in the middle of the night …


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