Posted: 08/02/2004 in None

Got an early long-distance wake-up call yesterday morning. *Bah!* So much for sleeping in …

Anyhow, I chilled for a bit, read the newspaper, watched the news … that sort of thing. I kept Kira company for a while. MetroBoy woke up, so he and I met up with one of his buddies for a bite out at one of my favourite weekend brunch spot – Tomato.

Afterward, we were off to meet up with Wingman, Jovo, and Jeffy for a matinee. I knew that “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle“. It’s may seem to be a dumb movie, but it as absolutely hilarious. It begs a sequel, which I’m undoubtedly looking forward to watching. You’d need a bit of background on the actors and the directors, but you’ll find that certain cameos and lines that pay hommage to thier previous works rather interesting.

And after that, Ah-Mun and her man joined us for a bite at Samba. It was literally a night out with the boys … and Ah-Mun. Let me tell you, she can hold her own. In fact, she’s left MetroBoy in awe after things she’s had to say.

Lastly, we bummed out at Jovo‘s for a bit. We had the chance to hang some, having a drink and playing some extreme rummy or Nintendo. It’ was pretty ‘laxed.

Today, MetroBoy and I waited until Renka and her boy woke up to hit Kirin for dim sum. I know my guests simply can’t get this kind of quality dim sum from Cow-Town, and Renka usually misses the opportunities to join The Funky 4-some for our weekend dim sum trips up north to Richmond Hill. Needless to say, my people were not disappointed in the quality of the food.

By afternoon, MetroBoy, his buddy, and I hit up the Robson stretch for some shopping. I wasn’t so successful in finding what I needed, but it was a fun experience with the guys. The fun continued on to the Malone’s patio in Kits.

When dinner time came about, we joined Renka and some of her friends at Gyoza King. Turns out, her friends and I have mutual friends – surprise, surprise … the world is indeed too small.

Lastly, MetroBoy, his buddy, and I dropped by Bimini’s for drinks. Our waitress was a totally cute sweetheart. 😉

Yeah … random thoughts flooded my mind all day today. I’m not entirely sure why … Maybe it was a series of little ‘triggers’ that set my memories off. In any case, as the day went on, I found myself thinking about … my ex … my condo unit … Rugby Chick … the ultra-yummy bartender at Caps … my brother … friends lost … friends discarded … Let’s just say it’s been an interesting day …

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