Posted: 08/01/2004 in None

So, my first 24 hours at home have been fun – nothing big, just simply pleasures. I could spend all day driving around town, just because it’s so less stressful here. To recap the last little while, I’ve:

  • … had a late, late, late night bite with Ah-Mun and Jeffy

  • … slept in

  • … sat down to lunch with Ah-Mun

  • … spent time with Kira

  • … went to GuessGirl‘s BBQ

  • … met up with my house guests

  • … had a late, late, late night bite with MetroBoy
  • My original plan was to be back some time in early August, but I came back a little early to make it to GuessGirl‘s BBQ. I’m glad I did. There, I got to see a lot of my friends right away, and some other acquaintances I enjoy hanging out with. I hadn’t had a hand at mah jong since GuessGirl‘s last BBQ. It was fun!

    Long before I came home, I decided that for the first week or so, I wasn’t going to make too many plans. Much like my last trip home in June, I’m going to let plans find me. Besides, I’m to keep Kira company until she settles in … not that she needs too much time to get comfortable.

    Kira is a people-magnet. Everyone loves her. And she loves everyone. In spending time with her though, I’ve found that she’s … not … an … ambi-turner. Zoolander fans will know what I mean. If you don’t know, then watch the movie.

    It’s nice to have house guests. Heck, it’s nice to be in good company at any given time. I wish Ah-Ho was home. It’s good to bum out with him. Now that he’s learned to operate a vehicle, I should really teach him how to drive a car.

    Anyhow, the day awaits … not sure what’s going to happen today … but I’m looking forward to that … Cheers!


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