Posted: 07/31/2004 in None

… home, sweet home …

So I didn’t sleep the night before. I spent pretty much all night chatting away. Come mid-day, I picked up Renka and sent her out to the airport for her flight back home. We had some spare time so we sat and chatted over a coffee.

It was quite nice. It’d been a while since she and I have had any time to sit and talk. She’s right; chatting online and on the phone isn’t quite the same. We caught up on some things and made arrangements for her trip down to the wet coast. She, her guy, and our buddy will be staying with me for just little under a week. It should be good times …

Anyhow, so I went home after that to actually pack. But, me being the boy scout that I was, I was procrastinating, and still had extra time to chat and email people after I was done packing.

I suppose I really didn’t have much to pack. After all, I am a guy. But even at that, I do intend to do some shopping at home. I still prefer the styles out west – not to mention the prices too!

I packed up Kira, and Baby-J sent us out to the airport. Needless to say, Baby-J was saddened to see Kira go. Upon check-in, Kira was handled very well by the staff. But, by the time I got to the gate, they had announced that the inbound flight was delayed … which meant the outbound flight will be delayed. Great.

Worry started setting in. I didn’t want Kira to spend more time in that her kennel crate than needed. And I suppose I didn’t make matters any better for her as I boarded the flight. If you want to know, just ask me and I’ll tell you. Let’s just say it was a *very interesting* flight … All in all, I had a great flight … 😉

So we touched down quite late, and late at night. Ah-Mun and the Kam klan we there to greet me. It was really nice to see them all, but I was worried about Kira. It had been close to 8 hours she’d been crated up. I had previously agreed to call Baby-J as soon as I got in to assure her that Kira was alright, but she could wait no longer and called me before I call her.

In any case, I got settled in pretty late. Everyone loves Kira, and she seems to love my place. She’s pretty much got the run of the house and the backyard. Ah-Mun took her out for a walk early this morning. It’s nice to have a dog around the family again.

Oh well … time to get some things done …

… & write back @ ya’!

Jovo : Don’t even get me started on Bush! … I’m glad “Sarafina” worked out for your friend. Personally, the more I thought about it, the more I liked “Sloan” … not sure while. Then again, it’s maybe because I’ve always opted for unique names.

Wingman : Sweet! … damn, that’ a sexy phone … Speaking of which? What’ll be your next phone? Mind you, your SL55 is pretty swank as it is …

Ghis : I couldn’t agree with you more. I miss having that companionship. As great as my friends are, it’s simply not quite the same.

It’s surprising that you’re willing to admit you’re needy. Not many would admit to that! I wouldn’t consider myself needy though … at least I’d like to think I’m not! But, I suppose it’s all relative to perspective …

Lemming-Boy : Ah, the 3100 … It’s a good phone. My mom uses it. I quite like that phone.

You know, I don’t see why the V3 wouldn’t be a GSM phone. Frankly, it’s the better system out there.

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