Posted: 07/29/2004 in None

… crazy how many things run through your mind when you’re prepping to leave for an extended amount of time …

Anyhow, spent most of the day dealing with the finances and bills and such. Yeah, getting ready to leave for home. Later on in the day, I had my last bout of footy with my team. I was hoping to leave the team with a win, but it wasn’t to be. We didn’t have enough players, which meant we had no subs.

We were playing the 1st-place team in the league. These guys were young and athletic. Their ladies had plenty of hustle and skill. They were by far the best team we’ve played. They communicated well, and their passing, ball control and retention was stellar.

That being said, we still held our own. We lost 5-3. And yet, they scored twice when we had a non-goalie in net, and twice again when we were simply too dog-tired to run back and defend. Essentially, one could argue that we *could* have won the game 4-1. They had the luxury of substitutes, and we didn’t have our better players either.

Oh well, it was a blast playing with this crew. It’s so nice to have a bunch of like-minded people playing a sport everyone enjoys, and then heading out for a bite and drinks afterward. However, tonight we didn’t have the regular crowd. Instead, The Funky 4-some met up for the ritual.

I guess I won’t be seeing them for a while – not D&G until their wedding, and not Pac-Man until I get back (unless he goes home for the wedding too). I’ll miss them. They’ve become like a little bit of family here.

It’s interesting how since I’ve moved here, all of my friends seem to be from out west. It starts with LilithBaby-JRenkaBerty … runs through to the likes The Funky 4-some … And oddly enough, the people I meet through them, are primarily from anywhere but the center of the universe. Interesting …

Anyhow, GuessGirl just sent me some pictures of our little trip to the falls last month. Thought you guys would like to see more of Kira.

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : Good movie. Totally fun to watch. Although, I can see Matt Damon as a spy more so than I can see Ben Affleck as a super hero. Affleck is good for the up-tempo type of roles. I particularly liked his cameo-performance in Boiler Room. I must say, his chemistry with Damon is really something else – as seen in Dogma. Their dialogue was outstanding!

I suppose my complaint about being lonely isn’t so much that I sometimes feels others simply do not understand. I know how it is to feel absolutely alone in a room full of people. But it’s not that. Rather, it’s that I miss having the companionship of a significant other. It’s the security and comfort in that other person.

You know, someone to share everything with .. to dine out with … go for long walks … to understand ‘you’. To have someone that knows what you think, and why you think that … to know you so well, to be able to predict you … to know exactly how to react to you. Let’s just say I miss having someone that knows how I take my coffee …

Lemming-Boy : No kidding, eh? I’ve never been a fan of the clam-shell, flip-phones but I like this one! I used to be a hard-core Motorola user too. Oh well … It’s due out in the US in September … and it’s bloody expensive!


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