Posted: 07/24/2004 in None

A Sentimental Sap, I Am

Ghis : Heya, babe! Nice of you to drop on by my little corner of cyberspace. I hope you like what you see – though we all know my webpaging skills are far inferior to yours! Any advice and suggestions gladly accepted. You’ve got a great blog going. Keep it up!

As Ghis pointed out, there’s not a lot of people commenting on here. There are the loyal ones like Jovo and Wingman. Some others choose to email or call me instead. I don’t mind really. This blog is really for me to do my thing, and I just happen to chose to share it with you folks. That’s not, by any means, to say that I don’t welcome your comments. Comment away! I’d love to here what you might have to say/think about anything!

Okay, recap of today. Like clockwork, Kira wakes me up for her morning walk. I napped a little longer, then commenced my man-maid duties for the day. Pac-Man and I met for a sushi dinner up the road. D&G ditched us (not that we blame you guys, so don’t worry). We picked up Baby-J from the airport, spent some time shooting the breeze over siu yeh.

I had some good chats today. I find that during my days, as I do my work for clients back home, I chat with Ah-Mun about … whatever. It’s kinda strange how we probably talk more now that I’ve moved away, than we did for all those years we lived together. Hhhmmm …

Rugby Chick let me in on some bad news she’s received. It’s really a tricky game, dating. I wouldn’t blame her for feeling upset. Heck, I can relate when the other person just doesn’t try. But, girl … you’re better off without.

I talked to Renka on the phone for a bit. That was a refreshing convo since it “feels like it’s been ages since we actually talked!”. It’d been a week or so. But hey, she was busy and I didn’t want to bother her. Nonetheless, her company, as limited as it was, is always pleasurable.

What else to talk about … Oh, they found the sick bastard responsible for the murder of Cecilia Zhang. You all know me as the guy who only when push comes to shove, will I shove back. If you start it, I will end it. But there are some sick, sick people out there that I wouldn’t mind meeting in a dark alley … if I’m not being too subtle …

Anyhow, thinking back to my dogs, I began to think of other things that meant a lot to me. I’m sure as it is no surprise to most of you, my cars come to mind. With the exception of Ol’ menstrual the Mercedes, I do miss my cars.

My most memorable would be my firstTallulah the Talon. She was a beauty … until I drove ‘er to the ground.

Penelope the Pathfinder was short-term fix … but some memories are best … *ahem* … left unsaid …

Rizzo the Rav4, may she rest in peace, was a true trooper. She saw me through some interesting times, and never failed me once. I might actually miss her the most.

Then there was The Bean. I never though I’d drive the family mini-van, but I did. A trusty once she was, but I may never have given the her as much credit as she deserved.

I’ve since passed Izabella the Impreza over to Ah-Ho. I hope he’ll enjoy it as much as I wish I could have. Take care of her, bro …

With me now, is Phoebe the 4Runner. I tell you, I’d be lost without her here. Without her, I may still be living out of a suitcase!

I miss my cars … but what I really, honestly, truthfully miss are some friends … and the good times we’ve had. I swear, there are too many instances to list. It’s really a shame that at our age, we can’t just do it like we once did.

Everyone has responsibilities to tend to. Gone are the days where we dared to put things off. Such is life …


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