Posted: 07/22/2004 in None


An interesting thing happened today. An old associate of mine contacted me via email. Let me first start by saying that I hadn’t had any contact with this person in a good 3 years. In fact, our relationship (and that, in itself, is a stretch), has been in cyberspace.

It started with my search for a homesteading solution for my website. I stumbled upon her website, which seemingly had the exact setup as what I needed. I emailed her to ask for a bit of help. She was extremely friendly and helpful, and soon helped me find the solution sought.

Turns out, despite how we didn’t continue corresponding over the years, we continued to read each other’s weblogs. Today, she decided to email me after she read my latest postings. After the initial formalities, she remarked on the evolution of my weblog.

In v1.0, I tended to be more extroverted. I would express my views on the world around me – world events, social issues, etc.. In v2.0, I continued to be slightly extroverted, but extremely critical of my surroundings (including those around me), and yet acting in a wild manner.

She found that my latest blog, v3.0, seems to be the complete polar opposite the previous blogs. I’ve become much more introverted. She’s a quick one too. She even picked up on the words I’ve chosen – words like “therapy”. She figured something must of happened.

I had a heck of a time writing back to her. I think it may have been one of the longest emails I’ve written in a long, long time. I had to sift through my all of my previous postings. I traced all of my postings back to September of 2001. I recounted some good times, and the bad times. When I was done, I hit the ‘Send’ button. Done.

… not quite. Some time later I revisited that the email I wrote, and compared it to my previous blogs. It was then that I notice the evolution that was me. It seems odd that despite how many of my friends say that I’m the type of guy that never changes … I’ve changed so much.

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