Posted: 07/21/2004 in None

Okay, I’ve been procrastinating lately … a lot lately. I sit here supposedly doing research for clients, but I find myself slowly tinkering away at my weblog. Firstly, I’ve added links to and . Blogs Canada is just a listing of Canadian Blogs. You guys all know how proud I am to be Canadian. Rice Bowl Journals is a world-wide directory of Asian Bloggers. So if you’re looking for some interesting reads, give them a shot.

I first noticed RBJ when browsing about Footwear‘s blog. Oddly enough, after seeing some of the graphics on that website, it’s somewhat moved me to pick up my paint brushes again. For those whom don’t know, I used to do a fair bit of Tradition Chinese painting. At the end of last month, marked the 5th anniversary of the passing of my former art teacher, Shea Lo-See.

I miss her a lot. Ah-Mun and I would head out to classes every Saturday morning to meet up with the other students. We were a tight crew, all good friends. You would imagine so, since most of us had grown up together since we’ve been painting together for over 10 years.

Lo-See was like a God-Mother to all of us. Always caring, ever patient, teaching us lessons that not only applied to our art, but in life as well. In any case, since Lo-See‘s death, most of us have put away our brushes. I’ve been tempted to start up again, but I don’t have the time or the money. People who say photography is an expensive hobby, don’t know the half of it!

So I added a bunch of other links too. You’ll find them on the side bars here. They’re nothing special to note, really – just links to strange sites that often offer some funny or interesting tidbits like videos or pictures. It all just adds to my wealth of useless information. There’s a fair bit of “adult content” on these sites, but it’s hard to find the goods anywhere else. I hope you guys get a kick out of them.

Last night Pac-Man and I met up with our new friend (whom we need to determine a nickname for … *wink wink* …) for a late dinner. She played tour guide for us as we check out the Scarborough Bluffs. It was pretty foggy out, so we couldn’t see much, but it was still pretty cool. It reminded me of the cliffs out by UBC. I’m going to have to go back there during the day to check it out some more. After that, and a sit-down at a Tim’s, we called it a night. Good times …

When I got home, I had the pleasure of a quick chat with BonBon. I hadn’t seen her since last August at my going-away shing-dig. She’s a lucky one – and I’m so envious! She’s been living it up down in Oz until just recently. She’s been home, but about to head back down under. Turns out, we’ll be missing each other by 2 days. Crap. And when she goes home again, it’ll be after the winter break … so we miss each other again. *oi* Too bad, really. She’s a blast to hang with. Fun, sweet, and cute to boot! She still owes me a night of drinking! 😛

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