Posted: 07/20/2004 in None

Yup, it’s official …

… the women who live in the building opposite mine are yummy.

I’ve just come home from walking Kira. At the park, I met a lady who was walking her dog. She lives across the road from us. From afar, she reminded me of Catherine Bell. When she walked up to me to say ‘Hi’, I was practically drooling. This lady was no CB, but she was mighty nice, nonetheless.

As Kira and I walked the lady and her doggy home, a nice little Chrysler Crossfire pulled out from the garage below. Behind the wheel was this hot little blonde number. She looked entirely way too young to be able to afford the car – I mean, she looked too young for me, even!

In any case, Dean-O works for the landscaping company that maintains that building. I’d often meet up with him during his lunch break, and we sit there and watch the lovely ladies in the area.

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