Posted: 07/19/2004 in None

So I went and watched I, Robot with Pac-Man, Li’l Ed and his lady on Saturday night. It was okay. I’d say it’s a good watch if you’re looking for a fun, action-packed flick. However, I didn’t find it nearly as much of an ‘epic’ as the trailer seemed to have convinced me it was.

Will Smith was entertaining to watch as he normally is. But, I’m starting to find that his trademark lines are creeping into his movies one after another. That just spells type-casting. Anyhow, he is looking buff. I guess the training he did for Ali has paid off.

Uber hottie Bridget Moynahan wow’ed me when I first watched her in Coyote Ugly. Is it just me, or does she seem to look like she’s been worn out? Film after film, she seems to lose a bit of weight … she looks less healthy. A bit of a shame, really.

Last night was fun. I shot some stick with friends. I hadn’t played any in a long, long time. This is odd, considering I have tables at my building. In fact, my guests have used the facilities here more than I have. After running the tables, we had a bite to eat. Good convo … making a connection … it’s cool …

With Baby-J back home for the week, I’ve been taking care of Kira. I really missed having a dog, especially since I grew up with dogs. I miss my dogs – Gigi, Ben, Rocky … and all the police dogs I helped train. Kira‘s been great company. Sometimes I’d be watching TV, and she’ll coming over, pop her head on my lap and lie there for a while. Perhaps I should even be thanking her for rooting me out of bed earlier in the mornings, as she needs to be walked.

You know what I love about my friends? I love how much they care for people. By that, I mean people in general – even people they don’t know. I’ve some postings up that had made mention of the fact that Renka‘s father is facing some health issues. I never got into the specifics, but I’ve found that many of my friends (whom do not know Renka at all – heck, most don’t even know her name at all) are asking as per her, and her father’s well-being. On that note, I’m glad to report that Renka‘s back and her father is recovering. Furthermore, you guys are awesome!


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