Posted: 07/17/2004 in None

… honourary girl … man-maid … all-around he-bitch …

I went on a total cleaning binge today. I felt for Kira though. I had to banish her to the balcony for most of the day. But, I did manage to get a good solid 5 hours of cleaning in.

It was a productive but very low-key day. Pac-Man came over, and D&G came into town as Gracey had a dance practice. Pac-Man took it easy and relaxed watching some TV as Dalo washed his car and I replaced some burned out bulbs on Phoebe the 4Runner.

I had a chance to catch up a bit with Cutie online as she is currently in KL for a cousin’s wedding. We’ve been chatting on and off the last two days, catching up on each other’s lives, talking about our life issues.

Later on, I went to pick up Gracey as Dalo and Pac-Man hit the gym. Afterward, we, The Funky 4-some, did our soon-to-be-deemed-a-ritual run to Congee Wong’s for a late night bite. Needless to say, we had a great time – great laughs.

As D&G left for home, I sent Pac-Man home. I was driving home, but driving unusually slow. I started to to think back. Back to the good ol’ days …

What can I say, other than I miss her? I miss the nights we spent together, just the two of us often lost in the middle of nowhere. It’s like she knows what I like, and how I like it. We had an understanding. She responds to me so well.

We never argued. We took care of each other. If there was something wrong, I’d fix it. She made me feel safe, secure. She is smooth. She is sexy. I miss the way she’d hole me tight. I loved that fact that she’d take all I could give her – never complaining.

Damn … I miss IzzyIzabella the Impreza … I want my car back …


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