Posted: 07/16/2004 in None

… hmmm … yet a new Blogger format … like the idea … but for an old-school HTML’er like me, it makes life a little more difficult …

Oh, well … top o’ the mornin’ to ya … I just got home from taking Kira for a walk. I had a good night last night. I got a call from Dean-O. It was a night of beers with buds. We hit the Danforth with Davy J and his buddy from his Guelph rugby days.

We were going to do the crawl, but we’ve already weeded out the suspect spots since our last run. So, we headed straight for the Fox and Fiddle. I swear, the camaraderie among ruggers is incredible. Practically all ruggers get along. Then again, I bet the beer helps too. It reminds me of a the bar scene with Lt. Jordan O’Neil (Demi Moore) and ‘Slov’ (James Caviezel) from G. I. Jane:

‘Slov’ : “You know, I like you better when you’re drinking.”
O’Neil : “You know what? I like you better when I’m drinking too.”

It was good times. It always is with those boys. 3 hours, 2 rounds of shots, and 8 pitchers of the pride of Nova Scotia later, we booked it out to the usual Pizza Pizza munch session. All in all, a good night that happens far less than we would like.

Getting home was a hassle though. Unbeknownst to me, they’d shut down the DVP. I had to make several runs around to get back onto Yonge St. to drive home. A drive that normally would have taken me 15 minutes, ended up taking me 45 minutes. What a bitch …


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