Posted: 07/13/2004 in None

So I finally got some much needed sleep last night. To my, and Baby-J‘s, surprise, I crashed around 10 PM. I was out cold. I woke up naturally around 9. So nice …

Though, during my times of sleeplessness, it wasn’t like I wasn’t enjoying myself. I was able to catch up a little bit with Rugby Chick. We went over some of her life issues with school and men. Kind of a shame that I had just gotten to know her at the end of term. I was able to chat a lot more with Dutchess. I miss her. I hope to catch her next winter.

Last night, Baby-J and I dined at North 44 with a couple of our friends. As this restaurant is under the same ownership group as Bymark, one expects good things. As we sat down and reviewed their menu we were delighted to see that for the most part, all of the items listed where from their signature menu. Moreover, there were additional upgrades offered as well.

From the very beginning, I was tempted by the Steamed Shrimp Dumplings with natural reduction, shiitake mushroom and fresh herbs. I was hoping for something unique and surprising. It was surprising alright. In fact, I was surprised I did order this appetizer since it’s practically something I see every time I sit down to Dim Sum with family or friends.

As for the main course, I chose the Seared Halibut baked in Banana Leaf. I found the texture of halibut very smooth and that it had a lot of flavour. I also quite liked how the dish was served with the banana leaf still wrapped around the fish.

Always a sucker for a creme brulee, I opted to for just that. The creme brulee was sweet, and had a very creamy texture. Once again, I felt this dessert dish was best served warm. Of course, this is my bias as I tend to enjoy a warm creme brulee.

All in all, I enjoyed my meal. Although, perhaps I’m still much of the old-school breed of chivalry, I’m still bothered how the ladies at our table were not served first.

Today, Baby-J and I headed out for lunch at Crush Wine Bar. Lunch was the only logical option as both their lunch and dinner menus offered the same items. So why pay more at night?

In any case, Baby-J started with their delicious-looking Puree of Cauliflower Soup with Herb Crouton. I’m told the soup was quite tasty and not grainy at all. I opted to upgrade to the Goat Cheese and Spinach Salad. What a sucker for cheese I am …

As much as I wanted to order the Flat Iron Steak with Pommes Frites and Red Wine Reduction, I could not. I fear that my consumption of red meat and shellfish has hit unsafe levels. I left Baby-J to order that. I settled for the Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon with Baby Spinach. The dish was fair, but not spectacular.

You guessed it – Vanilla Creme Brulee for dessert. I was quite impressed by the texture and flavour, despite how I found the sugar slightly burned. I could really taste the vanilla. The custard was quite smooth. And for once, I didn’t mind the creme brulee not having been served warm. This probably had something to do our having decided to sit outside.

We had a little bit of problems with the flies. It wasn’t terrible, but I’d rather not be looking like an idiot, swatting at the air while trying to enjoy a meal. Otherwise, the patio itself was nice. Perhaps it’s only drawback was the traffic noise coming from King Street. Tucked nicely behind Crush was Brassaii, a spot that Baby-J and I are curious to try out one day.

Yay … done for now … might post some more later … might not … we’ll see …


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