Posted: 07/12/2004 in None

I finally got to catch up on some sleep today. D&G had stayed the night, ran out to meet up with a friend for church in the morning, ran an errand at Ikea, then gave me a call for lunch. We drove up the road to the Milestone’s up at Empress Walk for a quick bite.

I explained to them how Pac-Man and I had just missed the seeing the stabbing incident the other night when we watched the movie there. As we drove up, a police squad car had just passed me and pulled over where the officer ran out and into the Wendy’s to tend to the situation.

The day was pretty relaxing. I didn’t do much and was able to nap a bit. Unfortunately, I missed out in the chance to dine at Trapper’s Restaurant tonight. It’s a bit of a shame, really. My mouth is watering as I read their menu. It may just be the most impressive menu I’ve seen thus far. However, given the circumstances as to my eating buddy‘s absence, it’s not really important.

On that note, I’d like to ask any and every one of my friends out there to send their good vibes to help a good person in his time of need. After having talked to Pac-Man about his loss of loved ones with Baby-J the other night, certain thoughts rushed into my head. I look at Renka‘s situation, and I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it would be to in such a situation.

It certainly does hit home, given my own brush with my mother’s health issues these last years. In a more somber chat with Gracey today, I reiterated (more so to myself) that we are at the age when our parents are susceptible to the complications of aging. It’s a scary thought – it really is.

What I figure is, so long as we all surround ourselves with loved ones … we’ll have all the support we need to deal with anything life throws our way.

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