Posted: 07/08/2004 in None

Okay … let’s catch up on things …

I hit Bymark Restaurant last night with the usual suspect. Much to our delight, we found that on top of their streetfest menu, they were offering some upgrade options. Despite my medical condition, I opted to take a risk … on the entire meal …

I started with the Steak Tartare. What can I say other than I’ve always been a fan of steak tartare? The appetizer was very pleasant, but I must admit my attention was elsewhere. I couldn’t help but admire the restaurant. As some of you know, it’s always been a bit of a dream of mine to own my own restaurant. The ambiance and decor of this place is very much so what ‘my’ place would look like.

For the entree, I had little choice but to go with the upgrade to the Veal Tenderloin. Yes, I love veal. *Oi!* The veal was prepared just the way I like it – medium rare, pinky-red in the middle. I found the veal had good texture, but a little lacking in flavour. It was obvious to me that it was the sauce that did the selling. Oddly enough, what I really enjoyed in this dish was the accompanying ravioli.

Lastly, I was disappointed that they had decided not to offer the Ginger Creme Brulee – anyone who’s dined with me enough knows I’m a total sucker for a creme brulee. So I opted for the Soft Meringue. Afterward, we chatted over a couple of warm drinks.

For shits and giggles, Renka asked to me to guess which of the specialty teas she’s opted to order. With a quick glance of the list, I responded with a quick, “Apricot Orchard”. She gave me this look as if she’d just been told the earth was flat. I was dead on. I thought she was surprised, but only tonight did she tell me she was more impressed than surprised.

As is often with me, I would sample the coffee after the meal. I was dearly disappointed. The coffee had little body, and the flavour left me wanting. I must note that, though I’ve had my fair share poor coffees, no poor coffee is quite as bad as a poor cold coffee – as was the case last night. This was a result of perhaps my biggest critique of the evening was the air conditioning.

We sat at a table where there was a draft coming down right onto the table. Honestly, as good as a meal can be, it’s not quite any good if it’s cold. Of course, as a host of any party, event or gathering, you’d want your guest comfortable. However, right as we sat down, Renka found it a bit chilly. I was a little bothered by the fact my food got cold. Other than that, the evening was quite enjoyable.

Tonight, we were off to Prego Della Piazza. We didn’t know what to expect, as they hadn’t listed their menu. Located just outside of the swanky Yorkville, we expected a good time dining. As we arrived, we took the opportunity to sit outside on their patio area, seeing as we hadn’t had the chance to do so on our previous dining adventures. The interior of the restaurant looked rather Italian, meanwhile the outer patio had much more of a French flair to it.

To start, I think I made the mistake of having the Boston Bibb Salad. What caught my attention was the toasted walnuts and gorgonzola dressing. However, when served I found the salad to be a little lacking in presentation and in flavour. Perhaps, I should have chosen the soup Renka started with. She’s not found of the stronger cheeses, whereas I am. The soup offered up a portion of strong does of what we suspect is a goat cheese.

Once again, I cheated myself as we both ordered the veal. This veal was served au jus, which I actually prefer. For the most part, I enjoy the true texture and flavour of the meat, as opposed to drenching it with a sauce to hide its imperfections and shortcomings. Although the flavour was enjoyable, we both found it to have been overcooked.

For dessert, we chose the to go with the strudel. The vanilla ice cream that accompanied the pastry was quite nice. The strudel itself wasn’t very sweet at all, which was much to our delight. This even lead to an interesting conversation as to our changing tastes, as to how we’re all getting … more mature. No, sweetheart, you’re not nearing your expiration date! Not by any means!

Anyhow, D&G popped into town for their respective practices tonight. So after dinner, I met up with them and Pac-Man and went for … yes … another dinner. I’m horrible, I know … These last couple of weeks have been a blast. Practically meal after meal I’ve been in great company. Good food, good company … you can’t go wrong.


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