Posted: 07/06/2004 in None

Another sunrise, another day … This will be a long post, so manage your time wisely … and if you’re seriously in need of something to fill your day with, then grab a cup of joe and try to enjoy my brain fart …

I couldn’t sleep a wink. So I stayed up and watched TV. “Going Back” was the movie. It is about a bunch of US Marines heading back to Vietnam as a part of a television documentary show. This movie was a mixed bag for me. I didn’t find the acting particularly impressive. Then again, I was never much of a fan of Casper Van Dien.

The story line is set at present, with constant flashbacks to the past as such to highlight and emphasize the severity of the memories these men face on a daily basis. What bothered me the most was that they chose the same cast to play the characters both past and present. I find this leads to ‘unbelievable’ characters. It’s difficult to believe a that 50+ year-old man has the physique and mobility of a 20 year-old. Moreover, the lingo of the characters certainly did not work at all.

However, I found myself relatively emotionally involved with the movie. I think I would trace it back to my upbringing – having come from a tight, close family, and grown up in a private high school. It brings me back to the feelings I encounter after watching “The Wood“. I do hold my high school experience dear. In fact, I wonder how anyone who has embarked on such a long journey such as high school would not relate to others that have gone through the same experience.

Perhaps it’s because of the nature of my friendships with my closest friends that I see it this way. Much like what Baby-J has said of me once applies to all of my friends. I cannot imagine my life without those loved ones. I envision how I’d one day turn to my kids and say, “Come on kids, we’re meeting Uncle Jovo for dinner!” … or “Alright, BBQ at Uncle Wingman and Auntie I-V‘s!”.

After having watched the movie, I thought for a moment and actually wondered why I’ve become so emotional while watching movies nowadays. Frankly, I used to think very little of movies; they were just a means of escape from the real world, such that I may relax and not have to think. However, recent years I’ve found myself relating these movies, to certain themes and scenarios.

And so … I went for a drive – but just a short one out to the local “ski slope” (I can see my west-coast friends rolling their eyes now!). I sat. I thunk. I sat some more. I thunk some more. In conclusion, I do believe the beginning of my behavior could be directly linked to one particular incident in my life – one of which I will not speak of. However, since then, a series of events in my life has only further amplified my behavior.

Life is all too often taken for granted. And I don’t think anyone will truly understand that unless they’ve suffered a true loss in one’s lifetime. “Missed opportunities” is yet another reason for why we must live life. I’ve suffered both of those setbacks in recent years. Maybe, just maybe, our parents were right when they said, “You don’t understand it now, but you will later … When you grow up … When you get to my age …”.

Of course, at the time, it’s all *blah blah blah blah blah blah* … in one ear, and out the other when you hear it. But as there’s such a big age difference between myself and Ah-Ho, I found myself saying those very things when I dispense my advice to him.

Many of my friends would consider me young at heart. Heck, I act like a kid sometimes. I think it’s all about living. If life is the only thing worth dying for, then you’d damn well better live it up. Life is too short, they say. I would tend to agree.

My life had become pretty stagnant for a while. I’m not complaining about it, as life was good. However, a little change was good too. Lately, I’ve had a bit of that rush that was high school. I’ve been meeting new people, new friends. I genuinely enjoy meeting people.

I love making that new connection. After all, isn’t life just a series of connections? To be able to relate to a person one-on-one. To be able to share the joys and support each other during the pitfalls in life. As a new friend of mine – you know who you are! 😉 – so eloquently put it, “it’s about the quality, not the quantity”.

So, go and make yourself a connection today!


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