Posted: 07/05/2004 in None


While I’m stuck here, Ah-Mun gets the chance to meet Trevor Linden, my all-time favourite Canuck, at Yaletown Brewery Co. last night. Who’s jealous? This guy! I miss my ‘Nucks. I don’t get to see enough of their games.

Anyhow, yes, this is one of my earlier postings. I had lunch at Jump Cafe & Bar with Renka, Jeffy and his buddy. I’ve been there before, but not for lunch; but, being a part of the Oliver Bonacini Restaurants group, one expects a pretty good dining experience.

At first glance, their Summerlicious lunch menu seemed perfect for a hot summer day. I first wet my appetite with their Chilled Golden Gazpacho. I’ve only become fond of gazpachos these last couple of years, so my experience with such soups are limited. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the appetizer. I found it to be very refreshing.

“Hey, you had the salmon last night! Aren’t you sick of salmon by now?”, Renka questions. I decided to go with the Warm Poached Atlantic Salmon. I could have chosen the Penne and Grilled Chicken, but what sold me on the salmon was the fact it was served on Baby Spinach, sweet corn, and wild rice salad with citrus vinaigrette. Talk to me 5 years ago, I would have gone with the meat that had legs, and which ever dish that offered the most meat. Nowadays I actually lean towards the veggies. Crazy, I know …

“Hello, father? … has hell frozen over?” … and I actually have gotten into fruits too. Hence, my choice of the Passionfruit Pannacotta as opposed to the Milk Chocolate & Vanilla Sundae. I liked the pannacotta. It wasn’t terribly sweet. Besides, it’s passionfruit! How can you go wrong?

Admittedly, I didn’t pay as much attention to the food as I should have. But it was kind of hard to when I had a good life-long friend sitting across from me. So yeah, after lunch, I showed the boys the surrounding areas of downtown and then headed home. I was rather tired – not entirely sure why. I bet it has to do with the overcast skies …

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