Posted: 07/05/2004 in None

Tonight, my culinary partner in crime and I dined at Herbs. The menu wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

I started with the warm Composed Salad. It’s not very often I come across much of a warm salad – perhaps a warm wheel of goat cheese – but this salad was entirely warm. Renka opted to start with the Marinated Seafood Salad, what would have been my first choice, it not for my gout.

For my entree, I chose to go with the Atlantic Salmon … despite my general dislike for the Atlantic breed, as I’m a huge fan of the wild Pacific. However, I was not disappointed. The seared salmon was quite nice, with ample flavour and decent texture. My only cause for concern was the amount of caper oil and lemon sauce – when it’s running off of your food dripping everywhere, it might be time to reconsider the amount, or its consistency. Renka was nice enough to share one of her Applewood Smoked Pork Loins with me. The chutney was quite pleasant, which was very necessary to make up for dry pork – we both felt the loins were slightly overcooked.

Renka opted for the non-listed Lemon Tart for dessert. It had good flavour, but wasn’t anything terribly spectacular. I chose to try the Ontario Strawberry Bavarois. The bavarois was sweet, and was complimented well by the Champagne Macerated Berries. However, once again, nothing spectacular.

Hmmm … that’s it … no further thoughts at the moment …


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