Posted: 07/04/2004 in None

Those are some funny and fickle things, relationships. I fear I may have to end a friendship soon … though the outcome is entirely beyond my control. It will all depend on the reaction of the other person involved …

On the flip-side, this world is entirely way, way too small. My night started with a dinner at Lobby with Renka, her friend, and her friend’s boyfriend. I quite enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant. I’m told this was one of the spots celebrities hang out while in town.

We sampled their Summerlicious set menu. I started with the Summer Organic Greens, was suckered in by the jalapeno corn sauce of the Brick Hen, and ended the dinner with the Creme Brulee.

I was very impressed by the hemp seeds and sun-dried tomato, hemp oil vinaigrette of the salad. Though the large portion of the entree was surprising for a sample menu, I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of jalapeno in the corn sauce, and equally disappointed at how the sweetness of then corn sauce took away from the flavour of the molasses and mustard of the fowl. Perhaps given the summer season, the dessert was served cold. However, I felt that this dish would have been best served warm, as it would have brought out so much more of its flavour.

Anyhow, with Jeffy and his buddy in town, we thought we’d hit the district and find a happening spot. I had Renka and friends with me. Baby-J met up with a friend from out of town. Jeffy called out another friend.

Now, as it turns out, Baby-J‘s friend went to high school with Jeffy and his buddy. So we all met up. When Jeffy‘s friend showed up, we discovered that he knew Renka‘s friend. After hitting Tonic, some of us headed out for a bite. On the drive up, I found that I had a load of mutual friends with Jeffy‘s friend. We picked up Pac-Man on our way up to the clubhouse for a meeting. Turns out that Jeffy‘s friend went to elementary school with Pac-Man.

It’s a small, small world …

Lastly, I’d like to welcome Lemming-Boy to the blogging ranks. Cheers, buddy!

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