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… home, sweet home …

So I didn’t sleep the night before. I spent pretty much all night chatting away. Come mid-day, I picked up Renka and sent her out to the airport for her flight back home. We had some spare time so we sat and chatted over a coffee.

It was quite nice. It’d been a while since she and I have had any time to sit and talk. She’s right; chatting online and on the phone isn’t quite the same. We caught up on some things and made arrangements for her trip down to the wet coast. She, her guy, and our buddy will be staying with me for just little under a week. It should be good times …

Anyhow, so I went home after that to actually pack. But, me being the boy scout that I was, I was procrastinating, and still had extra time to chat and email people after I was done packing.

I suppose I really didn’t have much to pack. After all, I am a guy. But even at that, I do intend to do some shopping at home. I still prefer the styles out west – not to mention the prices too!

I packed up Kira, and Baby-J sent us out to the airport. Needless to say, Baby-J was saddened to see Kira go. Upon check-in, Kira was handled very well by the staff. But, by the time I got to the gate, they had announced that the inbound flight was delayed … which meant the outbound flight will be delayed. Great.

Worry started setting in. I didn’t want Kira to spend more time in that her kennel crate than needed. And I suppose I didn’t make matters any better for her as I boarded the flight. If you want to know, just ask me and I’ll tell you. Let’s just say it was a *very interesting* flight … All in all, I had a great flight … 😉

So we touched down quite late, and late at night. Ah-Mun and the Kam klan we there to greet me. It was really nice to see them all, but I was worried about Kira. It had been close to 8 hours she’d been crated up. I had previously agreed to call Baby-J as soon as I got in to assure her that Kira was alright, but she could wait no longer and called me before I call her.

In any case, I got settled in pretty late. Everyone loves Kira, and she seems to love my place. She’s pretty much got the run of the house and the backyard. Ah-Mun took her out for a walk early this morning. It’s nice to have a dog around the family again.

Oh well … time to get some things done …

… & write back @ ya’!

Jovo : Don’t even get me started on Bush! … I’m glad “Sarafina” worked out for your friend. Personally, the more I thought about it, the more I liked “Sloan” … not sure while. Then again, it’s maybe because I’ve always opted for unique names.

Wingman : Sweet! … damn, that’ a sexy phone … Speaking of which? What’ll be your next phone? Mind you, your SL55 is pretty swank as it is …

Ghis : I couldn’t agree with you more. I miss having that companionship. As great as my friends are, it’s simply not quite the same.

It’s surprising that you’re willing to admit you’re needy. Not many would admit to that! I wouldn’t consider myself needy though … at least I’d like to think I’m not! But, I suppose it’s all relative to perspective …

Lemming-Boy : Ah, the 3100 … It’s a good phone. My mom uses it. I quite like that phone.

You know, I don’t see why the V3 wouldn’t be a GSM phone. Frankly, it’s the better system out there.


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*Oi* …

… big, long chat with Rugby Chick on the phone … it was a nice change … probably saved us both from carpal tunnel syndrome … procrastinated for way too long … must finish packing … Crack Man, signing out … ;-P

… & write back @ ya’!

Jovo : No doubt, and no worries, good buddy. Hopefully see you tonight. Cheers!

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Things have certainly become interesting really quickly …

I must say I agree that some of the best discussions come about when people don’t agree. It seems that our interactions on our blogs have conjured up some sort of reaction in each other. I’m lovin’ it!

I think that in any given situation, the term “to each their own” must be kept in mind. Each person views and reacts differently to any scenario given its variables. Some people thrive on being single, others not. What I find really interesting though, is how quickly a person’s views change once his/her situation has changed. Hypocrisy, you say? Don’t be so quick with that tongue!

By now, I would assume any and all persons reading my posting are of the age to think for oneself. In this, you should know that nothing is set in stone. Things do change. Heck, it’s how we all learn – after the fact. However, at one point or another, there will be a question of “Why?“. And, when this question does come about, be sure to know that you have been found to have corrected yourself.

Own up to your actions. If you’ve changed your mind, stand behind it … but stand behind it with good reason. Let’s face it, without a supporting argument, you’ve got nothing. I know that a lot of my views have changed over the years. I’ve been an evolution. What can I say?

I’ve changed. I’m not the same person I once was. And I’m okay with that. At times, I know it’s not exactly by choice that I’ve found myself where I am today. But I *am* here. And it is *my* life. So, I truck on. It’s not in me to quit.

Nor am I about to blame everything on any one person, or the world in general. After all, they were my decisions from which the results came from. So, undoubtedly, there is plenty of reason behind why I do or say whatever it is I choose. Some times, the reasons may not be clear … sometimes they can be subtle … perhaps most of the times they are down-right cryptic. But, often if you read between the lines, you’ll figure it out.

… blah blah blah … I’ve forgotten my point … It had something to do with being single … Yeah, being single does have its perks. For example, I can make my plans as I see fit, when I see fit. I don’t need to ‘report in’. That’s kind of nice to be independent in that way.

However, life is all about that balance. And when one side of things out-weigh the other, it’s hard to keep on trucking on that straight path. Sometimes one wakes up in the morning thinking “life makes about as much sense as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest“. That’s just how *I* feel at times. And I can’t apologize for that.

And don’t any of you out there apologize for what you think or feel …

Okay … I’m spent … I’m not sure what I’m talking about anymore … That, and I should really start packing …

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : *D’OH!* … and you tell me all the good girls are out west, after I move east?! But I’m starting to think there might be some truth to it. Since I’ve been here, almost all of the ladies I’ve been interested in, or would even consider dating, have been west-coasters. The lone non-west-coaster wasn’t even from this city.

I agree with you that one shouldn’t date for the sake of companionship. In fact, I’ve become rather certain that I’m guilty of having been ‘duped by my ex in that regards. But it’s hard to come out of a relationship and be entirely independent. Relationships tend to become a lifestyle. For me, 6 years of building … lost … I’ve found it really difficult. I’m just taking it day by day …

Actually, Kira isn’t that big. She’s small for her breed. However, she’s very gentle with smaller dogs. As a typical husky, she tends to nip and gnaw to show affection, but she never bites too hard. She’s extremely friendly and playful!

Lemming-Boy : I’m betting it is a GSM technology phone. Especially given they’re being marketed overseas. I’m currently using a Fido phone that uses the SIM card – and I do much appreciate it more than my old CDMA phones with Telus.

Are you with Rogers? Which phone are you using?

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… crazy how many things run through your mind when you’re prepping to leave for an extended amount of time …

Anyhow, spent most of the day dealing with the finances and bills and such. Yeah, getting ready to leave for home. Later on in the day, I had my last bout of footy with my team. I was hoping to leave the team with a win, but it wasn’t to be. We didn’t have enough players, which meant we had no subs.

We were playing the 1st-place team in the league. These guys were young and athletic. Their ladies had plenty of hustle and skill. They were by far the best team we’ve played. They communicated well, and their passing, ball control and retention was stellar.

That being said, we still held our own. We lost 5-3. And yet, they scored twice when we had a non-goalie in net, and twice again when we were simply too dog-tired to run back and defend. Essentially, one could argue that we *could* have won the game 4-1. They had the luxury of substitutes, and we didn’t have our better players either.

Oh well, it was a blast playing with this crew. It’s so nice to have a bunch of like-minded people playing a sport everyone enjoys, and then heading out for a bite and drinks afterward. However, tonight we didn’t have the regular crowd. Instead, The Funky 4-some met up for the ritual.

I guess I won’t be seeing them for a while – not D&G until their wedding, and not Pac-Man until I get back (unless he goes home for the wedding too). I’ll miss them. They’ve become like a little bit of family here.

It’s interesting how since I’ve moved here, all of my friends seem to be from out west. It starts with LilithBaby-JRenkaBerty … runs through to the likes The Funky 4-some … And oddly enough, the people I meet through them, are primarily from anywhere but the center of the universe. Interesting …

Anyhow, GuessGirl just sent me some pictures of our little trip to the falls last month. Thought you guys would like to see more of Kira.

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : Good movie. Totally fun to watch. Although, I can see Matt Damon as a spy more so than I can see Ben Affleck as a super hero. Affleck is good for the up-tempo type of roles. I particularly liked his cameo-performance in Boiler Room. I must say, his chemistry with Damon is really something else – as seen in Dogma. Their dialogue was outstanding!

I suppose my complaint about being lonely isn’t so much that I sometimes feels others simply do not understand. I know how it is to feel absolutely alone in a room full of people. But it’s not that. Rather, it’s that I miss having the companionship of a significant other. It’s the security and comfort in that other person.

You know, someone to share everything with .. to dine out with … go for long walks … to understand ‘you’. To have someone that knows what you think, and why you think that … to know you so well, to be able to predict you … to know exactly how to react to you. Let’s just say I miss having someone that knows how I take my coffee …

Lemming-Boy : No kidding, eh? I’ve never been a fan of the clam-shell, flip-phones but I like this one! I used to be a hard-core Motorola user too. Oh well … It’s due out in the US in September … and it’s bloody expensive!

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The other night, Baby-J calls to me. She was surfing about at and found out about this new phone. It’s damn sexy. It’s about time Motorola got up and put itself back in the market after that colossal blunder that was the Star TAC.

Anyhow, this phone might be what lures me away from the Nokia. After all, this quad-band RAZR V3 is promising to offer a digital camera, Bluetooth wireless technology, speakerphone, MP3 ringtones, and MPEG4 video on a color display … all packaged in a sleak anodized aluminum case. Even the precision-cut keypad looks awesome.

Okay … enough of that … time to get back to work …

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Okay, so my mom is not fond of pets. At least those pets that aren’t confined to a fish tank. However, it’ll be quite a surprise for her when she comes home from HK. Kira is coming home with me! Woohoo!

Today was a good day. As I did some work last night, I slept in today. Then, Kira and I took a drive out to Canada One Factory Outlets so that I could return a Nike dry fit shirt and a pair of Rockport sandals.

Afterward, I watched The Bourne Supremacy with Pac-Man. This flick could probably stand on its own, but coupled with The Bourne Identity, it makes for a real good watch. I read somewhere that this was meant to be a 3-part series. At the end of the movie, it does leave a lot of room for another sequel.

Matt Damon is a damn fine actor, but I still have troubles seeing him as an action hero type. However, I would have liked to have seen his acting versatility showcased in his undercover work in espionage for the Bourne series as it was in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Also, I thought there was far too little of Franka Potente. Her acting style is still a little rough when compared to what is expected of the North American standards. She’s still got that indie feel to her, but I find that to be a big part of her charm. I’ve still yet to see her break-through performance in Lola rennt (Run Lola Run).

I’ve began posting in Quotes Corner again. I word of thanks to Ah-Mun for a good one. Any and all submissions welcome!

So I’m a bit of a blog’aholic. I read everyone’s blogs – sometimes thrice daily. So it seems the latest postings of Blondie, The Masseuse and Lemming-Boy have been dealing with the differing views as per the dating/single life. I’m not sure if I want to throw my two cents in the mix. But, what I will say is that it’s been interesting reading their thoughts, as each comes from a person of a differing state of the dating game.

Personally, I do agree that the whole dating thing is a crap-shoot. Heck, you never know. I’ve seen way too many situations and outcomes to ever blanket-statement any sort of predicament. So there’s either not much to say, or far too much to say; it all depends on whether you see the glass being half full, or half empty.

I think that for the most part, everyone would agree that being single … sucks. It’s about as good a shit-flavoured lollipop. I think that being lonely is far worse that having troubles in a relationship. At least in a troubled relationship, there is hope to hang on to. For the lonely, sometimes there’s not even a chance … let alone hope.

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : Now why would you sell them out? What did they ever do to you!? … *BUT* … if you’re really looking for dirt … we should talk … ;-P

Yeah, Kira is a total cutie. She’s now about 11 months old, and extremely playful. I’ll love having her with me back home. I grew up with dogs and I’ve missed having one these last 6-7 years.

Once I’ve figured out what’s going on with my contact info, I’ll be sure to let everyone know how to reach me. We’ll hook up, no doubt!

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… a ho-hum day thus far. Went out to lunch with Baby-J. I had a pho craving. It was cool. We got the chance to sit and bitch about people. I guess you can say I’m getting in some quality time with her since I’m back home at the end of the week.

I’m so looking forward to going home. I miss my friends. I miss hanging out with them. What I’m particularly looking forward to is getting active again. I want to get back out there playing some sports.

… & write back @ ya’!

Jovo : I’m not sure if “Sarafina” might not be almost too ‘exotic’ for a Sunbird. “Sunny” would be too corny. “Shakina” – means ‘beautiful one’; “Shields” – means ‘lady protector’; “Sloan” – mean ‘strong protector’; “Sora” – means ‘chirping songbird’; “Suchi” – means ‘radiant glow’ …

Ghis : No, no, no! Don’t ditch them! D&G had their reasons – being that we were all bogged down with time constraints and they were tired. After all, they were in ‘Sauga at the time, and they would have to drive all the way back out to the Hammer late at night.

I’ll be back home this weekend, and staying until after the wedding. And there’s even a chance I’ll be bringing Kira with me! (As Kira is actually Baby-J‘s brother’s dog. We’re just doggy-sitting for the summer) She’s a beautiful Siberian Husky.