Posted: 06/30/2004 in None

Totally Knackered

Welcome to the blogging world, Gracey! Just letting you know that each time I read your blog, you’ve got a penny coming your way!

On a similar note, my apologies to Willie, Brighteyes and Ghis for my less-than-enthusiastic welcome to my blogsite. I had very little time when I posted, so please forgive me. I’m looking forward to reading all about your thoughts and daily ponderings. I see you guys far too seldomly … 😦

Pac-Man and I ran into the Hammer to help D&G move from their basement apartment to the upper floors of the renovated duplex. I must say, their place will look rather swank when they get done with it.

The pad is very spacious. They have plenty of storage space. Entering by means of the fire escape is simple and surprising welcoming. The kitchen is huge. Most of the unit is finished with hardwood flooring. Both sides of the unit have exposed brick. And the best part … they have a cute little loft up top, complete with a spiral staircase!

The place will have tons of natural lighting, and the unit is very well lit – even at night. The place was renovated relatively recently and so the choice of lighting in the kitchen was the sunken halogen pot lights. More over, the combination of the hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and the white trim really makes this apartment easy on the eyes. Good stuff, you guys!

I really should be getting some sleep, but after having a meeting with Pac-Man at the clubhouse, coming home and taking a shower, I’m wide awake; dead tired, but awake.

Tomorrow should be a good day. I’ve got a bout of footy with the Unreliable$, then the plan is to hit up a long weekend bash. I’m trying to get the likes of D&G, Pac-Man, Renka, MunMun and Richie out to 606 to party with Merrill boys.


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