Posted: 06/25/2004 in None

So I sent Renka out to the airport today. On my way out of the parkade, I’m driving along and I find there’s 3 cars parked on the side. Behind the cars, and in the middle of the lane, are a whole lot of luggage and even more people. It was an east Indian family. There were taking pictures. To the left of me, was a car trying to make a right turn into the adjacent lane. That car was stopped had the driver was waiting for another car to pull out of a parking spot. Behind me, were several cars.

Now, this family was taking photos, with complete disregard for any of the traffic. The car directly behind me gave a little, quick honk, as to politely ask then to move out of the way. The family looked over, all with an emotionless stare, only to turn back and smile for the camera. At this point, the car pulling out of the parking spot had run into trouble, as I was in the way. The driver had to make several turns to get out. Ultimately, I couldn’t move.

Just then, the driver of the second car behind me decided to lean on the horn. This got the attention of the family. In fact, they even turned towards us and yelled at us. Some of the older males went so far as to approach my window, tapping away and point fingers, and yelling at me. I didn’t want to get too involved. I just wanted to go home. However, the drivers in the cars behind me got out of their cars and starting yelling back. There was easily 5-6 drivers that came out.

The shouting match went on for quite a while. About 5 minutes in, I got impatient. I finally rolled down my window and “not-so-politely” told them to move their luggage out of the way. They responded by flipping me the bird. That was it. I was at the end of my rope. I revved my engine, then put my truck into gear, and rolled forward. At first, nobody thought I’d actually roll over any of the bags … but I did. The first one was a smaller gym bag that fit under the truck – so there was no damage done.

After that, the family scrambled to move all of their bags out of the way. They were all yelling with their fists in the air. Many of them pounded at my windows. I just turned up my Bone, and continued to ride the brake until I was clear. All the other drivers just laughed and applauded. The family was furious. I just slowly drove away.

Earlier in the day, I met up with The Landlord to settle some things. I had a little visit with her and her best friend. It was pleasant. She’s a great lady and a great landlord.

Anyhow … that’s about it for today … time to meet up with Pac-Man for a meeting.

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