Posted: 06/21/2004 in None

Problem is, I’ve learned that I attract all the wrong women, and none of the right ones. Sucks to be me.

For the most part, these ladies are great people. However, it’s the circumstances that I have a problem with. Since I’ve moved here, I’ve encountered a number of women that I now have a story about. Seemingly, all of those that tickled my fancy, were not and/or will not be interested or simply not available. All those that have been interested in me, are not available, and should not be available.

I won’t get into details, but I will say that I’ve received indecent proposals from ladies that have significant others – even some that live with their significant others. Such a shame when I think that here’s a great gal that I’ve lost so much respect for suddenly.

Anyhow … on the flip side, I think I’m beginning to relate to troubles of Baby-J‘s good friend. He wants the best. He aims for the best. He … is out of his league. Boy can I ever relate to that …


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