Posted: 06/21/2004 in None

Let’s see … the day started off with me feeling like I’d been run over by a mack truck. I hate allergies.

Mid-day, I got to catch up a bit with Lilith as she joined Baby-J, Pac-Man and myself for lunch. It was good to see her. It’d been a while since we hung out since she moved out – such was the combination of her having been progressing in a budding relationship, and my having had Wingman in town, meeting new friends, and having taken the trip back home. We were in Berty‘s neck of the woods, so he and his lady popped by to for a bit to chit chat.

Later on in the day, I ran a bunch of errands. I needed to pick up supplies for little fix-it jobs around our pad. There are so many little things that needed to be done. Basically, I really should play the handy-man around here for a while.

I finally got to meet up with Cutie, though just for a little while. She was flying in from Davenport with a lay over until her flight to the most beautiful city in the world. Her flight was delayed upon departure, and yet again delayed upon docking at the airport. We had little time, so we grabbed a bite at a cafe there.

It was awesome to see her. It had been far too long. For a while, we were pretty close. We remained close even after she graded. But when she moved down south for chiropractor college in Iowa we began to talk less. With the issues I was facing at the time, and her establishing a new life in a new city, it left little time to keep in touch.

Given so little time, it was hard to really catch up as much as we would have liked, but it was surely better than having not done so. I know we missed having Gracey and Renka there as well. We caught up on people we knew, caught up on each other (for the most part – no juicy gossip … *yet!*), and caught up on family. The gossip will have to come later …


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