Posted: 06/18/2004 in None

So, I wake up to the sounds of Kira clawing at my door at 8 AM. So I got up and played with her for a bit. The intention was to nap a bit a little later. As luck would have it, Seneca called and asked if I was available to meet with them today. I trucked it out there, only to find it to be the same old shit, just a different pile, on a different day. I’m eligible for special consideration for application beyond the deadline, but that’s it. *Oi*

Anyhow, I was to head out to the Hammer to help Dalo move in. I was running a little late, but as it turns out, I was entirely early. When I got to Gracey‘s, she’d told me the airport website listed the flight as being “tardy”. While driving there, Dalo calls, telling us that they couldn’t land because of the thick fog, and that they were routed over to TO. So, we were to sit and wait until a shuttle brought him in. *Lovely*

To kill time, Gracey and I bummed out at a little bistro. I ordered a warmed brie with cranberry, and she opted for a baklava cheesecake. In the end, we ruined our appetite for dinner. However, bumming out with Gracey is always fun. We never seem to be out of things to talk about. She’s always good for some laughs. *Cheers!*

Dalo finally rolled into town so we ran out to pick him and his luggage up. After loading (at the airport) and unloading (at Gracey‘s), we went for a bite to eat. Once again, we sat and chatted for a bit, well after the dinner itself. I drove them home, popped in for a bit, and started my drive home. *Welcome to the east coast, buddy!*

While on the road, I made a couple of phone calls to catch up on things. One of the calls was to Renka. “Let’s go out for a drink!”. I’m thinking, “Now!?”. I figured that by the time I’d get home, showered, and into some decent clothes, it’ll be well after 11; and she’d have to work the next day. But she seemed pretty intent on it. She’d been trying to get me out the last two nights, but I’d been busy. So, I figured, “Meh, why not?”. *crazy! … CRAZY!*

As per the usual, we hadn’t a clue where to go. She even opted for an uptown location. So we drove … and chatted … and drove … and chatted … and drove … and chatted … and drove … until we were almost lost. But, armed with her keen sense of direction and my attention to landmarks … we knew to turn around and head back once we saw the Krispy Kreme – we didn’t want to do anything we’d both regret … *hhhhmmmmmm … donut … aaaarrrrrrrrrrrllllllllggggghhhhhh*

We ended up at an old hang out of hers up in Markham. She hadn’t been there for quite some time. We ordered some tea and continued chatting. Our topics of conversation seems to know no bounds. We never know where it might lead to, but it’s all in good fun in the meanwhile. We often sit and relate to the little things in life, as we’re getting to know each other. After all, despite having met years ago, we’ve only begun hanging out a little over 4 months ago. *Sure thing … I’ll wait for you here* 😉

Anyhow … I’m pooped … time for a … nap … before my Niagara excursion with GuessGirl tomorrow … er, in 4 hours …


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